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Where can I get a Cuban Sandwich in MTL?

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Just got back from NYC where I had the best cuban sandwich. Can anyone recommend a place in MTL to get one? I'm dying to have another one!! This version included ham, cheese, a warm seasoned pulled pork, pickles, and mustard.

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  1. Olive et Gorumando is the only place in town that I can think of who even attempts an approximation of a cuban. It's quite good for what it is, imo. Don't expect Little Havana though.

    1. You might try Café Cubano - it's had some good reports here, if I recall:



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        AFAIK, but keep in mind I haven't been in a couple of years, Cafe Cubano does not serve Cuban sandwiches.

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          Ah - que loco! Thanks for clarifying that - who woulda thunk.

      2. The best Cuban sandwich in town is from Chipotle and Jalepeno at 1481 Amherst (corner de Maisonneuve). I have had Olive et Gorumando's and while it is a fine sandwich suitable for Parisian tourists, it is not a Cuban sandwich. Vieille Europe also sells a very fine sandwich that they call a Cuban sandwich, but isn't.

        Of the two wannabes, Vieille Europe's is a better sandwich, while Olive and Gourmando has tables and lines.

        1. I like the one at Anton & James on Stanley, ham, chicken, mustard, cheese and pickles

          Not truly authentic but definitly good

          1. Thanks everyone. I'm going to try them all over the next few weeks I'm sure!

            1. I heart the OandG sandwich - and I've never had an authentic Cuban one that I know of, so I'm fine with the faux version. It's salty, but I like salt so...just sayin'.