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American Range VS Capital Range

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I am looking for some advice, I actually purchased the 48" american range with the griddle option however it is on back order until about 1/15 so they gave me the option of the 48" capital range. I can find very few reviews on either - I like the look of both ok - we cook about ever night and bake a few times a week. I wanted to stay away from Viking because I hear really bad things. We are in the middle of missouri so finding someone to repair anything will be a challenge, and I need LP which is another issue.

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  1. Is it the Capital Precision or the Capital Culinarian?

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        You're probobly best off posting your question to the Appliances forum on Gardenweb.
        here's a link.


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          American Range's reputation is not that much better than Viking.

          There are people that love both but......

          You are better off with the Culinarian.

          The 48" LP range with 12" griddle, 6 open burners,and manual clean oven is Capital Culinarian Series CGMR484G2L.

          Pro-style gas ranges are a mature technology without complicated electronics. Any reasonably competant repair tech should be able to fix it.