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Nov 29, 2011 03:02 PM

better lunch options near Paramount studios..HELP!!!

Our office is getting pretty bored w/our lunch options near the studio...need some help.
We've already been to Larchmont Larder, Tender Greens, Tere's, Larchmont wine shop, etc. wayyy too much..

any recs b/w la brea and western would be great.

thanks so much!

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  1. On LaBrea and third, there's a new place called 3Twenty Wine Lounge. I know a lunch break from work doesn't necessarily involve wine, but they have very nice food. Their menu is online.....

    1. Tamarind Deli
      Dos Burritos (Hollywood & Vine location)
      Crown of India
      Zankou too out of the way for you??
      Pizzeria Mozza
      La Fonda Antioquena
      Calif Chicken Cafe
      Mario's Peruvian
      Balcones del Peru
      Los of Thai places on Hollywood & Sunset just east of Western if you're not
      Village Pizzeria (prob already on your list)
      Banchan a la Carte has a few takeout options but also does catering for larger groups
      Paddy Rice (Korean-inspired (and owned) Vietnamese - honestly it's not that great, but just an option)

      1. Here's a good thread from last year:

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