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Nov 29, 2011 02:20 PM

Online site for buying wild salmon? (moved from Ontario board)

Can anyone recommend a site to buy frozen wild salmon, etc? I was buying from but they no longer ship to Canada.

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  1. Try They're in Seattle. First-rate fish, don't know if they ship to Canada, though.

    1. Great Alaska Seafood ships to Canada, according to their website.

      1. Would love to have a Canadian supplier - I'm a British Columbian in Montreal and it is really frustrating how hard it is to find wild BC salmon that will actually ship from, you know, BC. My Dad sent me a pound of Indian Candy recently from the Hardy Buoys (they are Van Isle based) but on closer inspection I noticed the salmon was farmed Atlantic! So ridiculous.

        1. Try They are in BC, catching and shipping wild Canadian salmon and shipping it to Cagary and Toronto.