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Nov 29, 2011 01:28 PM

Trendy Restaurants for Rehearsal dinner within 15 minutes of Woodcliff Lake Hilton

Hi everyone,

I've read other posts from 2010 on this topic but was hoping there might be some new suggestions in the area. I'm looking for a trendy/updated restaurant to host approximately 40-50 people for a Rehearsal dinner with an easy commute to the Woodcliff Lake Hilton. Any cuisines will do.

Any suggestions? Thanks so much in advance.

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  1. I would try Bacari Grill, Park Steakhouse, Porterhouse, Baci, or Savini's for starters. I know Bacari Grill can accommodate that -- either upstairs or in their private room on the main floor. I don't know what the capacity of their upstairs private room is, but downstairs is not a problem. They recently underwent some positive changes (management, offerings, etc.). I do a luncheon there every month for between 50 and 100 people (downstairs) and it's excellent. Food, service, etc., you name it, it's very good. That size is never a problem. They do a very good job, the food has always been good -- but now, post-changes, it's even better.

    Savini's is an excellent choice also. They have an upstairs private room as well. The food and service is very good. One of my favorites in the area. Excellent all-around. I've attended a holiday party/dinner there (upstairs) and will again this year -- and I'm looking forward to it. Very nice place.

    Not sure if the others can accommodate, but give them a call. Good luck!

    1. Bacari Grill is a decent choice. They would be excellent in terms of service and being able to accommodate 40-50 people. The restaurant looks great. The food is decent.

      Esty Street in Park Ridge might be more trendy/updated but am unsure they could accommodate a group that large.

      Park Steakhouse has a large private dining area in the basement. The food is very good. Service is questionable at times.

      Ho Ho Kus Inn could probably handle 40-50. They have a brand new chef.

      St Eve ( is in Ho Ho Kus too and might be your best choice. The only possible drawback, it could also be a benefit, is that they do not have a liquor license.

      Another great option would be Picnic ( Another byob but probably has the nicest looking room, best food and service.

      I have never been to Baci or Savinis.

      Porterhouse is certainly not trendy/updated.

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        I think Picnic is a bit far driving time. Of those, St. Eve is without question the best food in my opinion, but I don't know if they could handle 40-50 people and a private room. If they could -- do it!!! BYO -- it's worth it!!!

        Bacari is really much better now post-changes. The food has been better as well. It was good before, but better now in my opinion.

        Esty Street -- good choice. I don't think they could do a group that large. JMO.

        On the Porterhouse -- they've renovated many of the rooms, and I attended a private party there. It was nice. I wouldn't say trendy, but between the bar, lounge, and the private rooms -- I thought it was nice. Not as nice as Bacari ambiance wise. Food was good. Solid. Thanks.

      2. Locale in Closter. They have 3 rooms, and the room for up to 50 people is the nicest. Vinnie is an excellent host and really knows how to throw a party.

        1. I might consider Restauarant X in Congers NY, Route 303, just north of the big mall. We had our wedding reception done @ Highlands country club in Garrsion back when Peter X Kelly had a restaurant up there. My friends still talk about the great food from that day 15+ years later. X is probably 20 minutes from the stated hotel.