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Nov 29, 2011 12:54 PM

Reataurants along 202 corridor b/t KOP & West Chester - Suggestions Needed!

Friends of ours on a cross country trip are doing the Philly tourist stuff tomorrow & then are staying in West Chester. We live in King of Prussia. I'm trying to think of decent, but not pricey, places to meet for dinner. Maggiano's in KOP is the only thing I could think of. Any other suggestions along 202 South? Something that's easily accessible for out-of-towners to just hop off & back on 202 would be ideal. Thanks in advance!

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  1. There are the trio of Indian places around Chesterbrook: Chinnar, Bawarchi, and Taste of India. I've never been to the last one, of the other two I'd only recommend Chinnar.

    There's also Restaurant Alba in Malvern, but that may qualify as too pricey for this (entrees start upwards of $20)

    1. There's really not much to choose from just off Rt. 202. There's Fiorello's on Gay Street in WC, just a short distance from Rt. 202. There are better choices a short distance further down Gay St. in West Chester -- Teca is good for small plates, and they have a really nice wine selection, but the cost can become a bit steep if you order several small plates. Nonna's is also good, and priced reasonably, and, although they do have a liquor license, they do permit BYO on some nights (I'm not sure which ones). Of those three, my first choice would be Nonna's. Getting back onto Rt. 202 from there isn't difficult. It would require taking a left turn on any of the intersecting streets, and then a left onto Market Street. Market Street goes back to Rt. 202. Or, depending on where they're staying, taking a left on High Street and continuing straight would take them right out onto Rt. 202.

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        Thanks for the tips, Budkethead & Cindy. Depending upon where they are staying, the West Chester suggestions (leaning toward Teca) may work. Even if we don't make it to any of the above recommendations tomorrow, these are great suggestions that I'll add to my daughter (12) & my list of places to check out, as we enjoy trying new places. All the recommendations look fabulous, & living in KOP we're surrounded by nothing but chains. Ugh. Thanks, both!

      2. I've heard that Lotus Inn (off the 252N exit of 202) has been refurbished and is good again. Its on W. Swedesford Road. Both chinese and japanese selections. Easy on and off to 202.

        1. Go to Enzo's, right on 202.

          1. Gilmore's or Avalon in West Chester.

            Han Dynasty in Exton (for Sichuan)

            Seasons 52 in KOP can have OK dishes on their seasonal menu and Capitol Grill has some decent steakhouse stuff, but on the pricey side,

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              Have you been to Han Dynasty in Exton recently? Last time I was there, which was probably a year ago, maybe longer, I swore it would be my last time for good. It was awful beyond awful. I have a pretty high tolerance for spicy foods, but the Sichuan dishes we ordered -- the Dan Dan noodles really stand out in my mind -- were simply not edible. I'd love to hear that they've restored the place back to its original quality.

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                CindyJ what was wrong with the food? Was it too spicy?

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                  I have been to Exton in the past month and Royersford in the past week, and I thought both places were very consistent with how they have been since I've been going to them for at least 3 years now. That's not to say that they couldn't have an off night, but fortunately I haven't experienced it.

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                    I concur, though I have only dined at the Royersford location. I had the banquet earlier this fall and it was outstanding. From the tripe to the tendon, to the noodles everything at Han's is doing well in my opinion.

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                    Yes. I love spicy food, and often request a small dish of hot chili oil so I can spice my Asian foods to the level I like them. But those Dan Dan noodles were actually painful to eat. That, and they were swimming in oil. I also had those large meatballs -- called "lions head" I think, or something similar. Now, I'd had them there before and enjoyed them, but when we ordered them that last time they were bland, tasteless and fatty.

                    I remember Han Dynasty in Exton in its heyday, but it seemed that the food at that location began to slip when the other locations opened.