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Nov 29, 2011 12:33 PM

Rendering duck fat - twisty question

A friend of mine gave me a bunch of pieces of duck skin. In the past, I've rendered fat with a whole breast, never skin pieces. Should I just dump the container in a pot at low until it looks like I have a lot of fat?

Also, the skin pieces are frozen. I probably should defrost first unless otherwise directed.


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  1. I would defrost, chop up and simmer in some water until all the fat is rendered and the water is boiled away and you have both lovely rendered fat and lovely crispy skin bits. That is what I did when I had a bunch of duck skin. I think I got the technique from James Peterson's Glorious French Food. The crispy skin bits, in addition to being good snacks, are lovely sprinkled on top of a salad as "croutons".