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Nov 29, 2011 12:29 PM

Going to "The Rock" in Newark? Edison Ale House is the place

Just got back from a department lunch at Edison Ale House. I was extremely happy with the burger I had, juicy, cooked like I asked, great size. 20 beers on tap, some of which are top tier, Flying Fish, Victory, River Horse. Great pretzel appetizer. All in all very happy. Keep in mind if you are headed to The Prudential Center "The Rock" for an event or if you work in Newark and looking for a place for lunch.

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  1. The ambiance and layout there is really nice, however I'd caution against ordering their pizzas (I can't speak to the rest of their food, though). They say they have a special water filtration system to make them as close to NY style pizza as possible, but there's nothing special about the way they taste. And for the money they're charging you, you could take the PATH into NYC and get actual NY pizza.

    1. I've been there a few times on game night. Like you said, nice place to go if you are going to an event at the Rock. I haven't been there any other times yet. I should have the opportunity to do so in the near future though.

      What's the parking like? That's always a big factor. Thanks.

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        Luckily I have a company garage to use but there's tons of parking around the arena. And it's funny because I just spoke to someone in a meeting that actually commutes in from NYC and they really like the pizzas at EAH.

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          I know there's plenty of parking for the games/events at the Rock. I just haven't been there for any other reasons yet, LOL. I wasn't sure about all those lots during the day. Thanks again.

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            It's not that the pizza is terrible -- it's good. But it cost $20. If I'm paying $20 for a plain pizza, it better be the best pizza I've ever eaten, and sadly it was not. Bar pies at the nearby Star Tavern are about $10 and are absolutely incredible.

            As for parking, the lots are ridiculously overpriced on game nights, so if you're coming in solely to eat, might want to try an off night. The lot on the corner of Mulberry and Market is open 24/7 and is reasonably price.