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Need a recipe for Oreo cookie for crust or wafer substitute

I'm hoping to make a baked alaska recipe that calls for an oreo cookie crust. I know that Oreo used to sell the cookie part separately for a while, but I've read online that the company now has discontinued it. Besides buying a package of oreos and then separating the cookie from the cream, I wanted to know if anyone knew of a good chocolate cookie substitute or a good and reliable recipe for the Oreo cookie. Or am I completely off base and I'm actually supposed to use the whole cookie (cream and all)?

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  1. I've always used the whole oreo cookie or whole Trader Joe's Jo Jos. It never even occurred to me to separate them.

    But chocolate nilla wafers work as well.

    1. You can go to any bulk store and buy chocolate wafers. Or at your grocery store. Just look for chocolate wafer biscuits and away you go!

      1. Copycat Oreo Cookies by Cecily Brownstone, Associated Press Food Editor - 1979

        1. i've always been partial to nabisco's famous chocolate wafers -- very crunchy and chocolaty.

          easily available at any supermarket, but here's a link to a recipe.


          1. There really isn't much of a recipe; crush up cookies (Oreos or Famous Chocolate Wafers), add some melted butter, press it out in a pan. I think Famous Chocolate Wafers have a bit of a deeper chocolate flavor. But with the Oreos, the filling adds some body and acts as a binder. You don't need as much butter.

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              for a deeper chocolate flavor add a tablespoon or two of unsweetened cocoa powder to oreos...

            2. Thank you all for the information and the recipe. I have a quick question regarding the actual oreo cookie. Is it better to use whole cookie, cream and wafer, or is it better to just use the wafer only for the crust? I always that it was just the wafer, but it seems from some of the posts that people actually do use both. In restaurants where I had the chocolate crust, I was under the impression that it was just the wafer with butter or some other coagulant but no cream filling. Is there a difference in terms of taste? I personally am not a fan of the cream and I always scraped it off as a kid and still do as an adult.

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                Use the filling. When mixed up, it isn't overpoweringly sweet like it is in the whole cookie. Why go to the trouble of adding a ton of butter when the cookie does half the work?

              2. Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers have that dark, very crisp thing that Oreos do, without a filling, and are often used for crumb crusts. If you don't see them with the cookies, check the baking section or where ice cream toppings and the like are shelved, and they are often up on the top shelf.

                1. I agree with Caitlin.

                  Look in the freezer or ice cream section of your grocer for the chocolate wafers. If not there theya re usually with the ice cream topping and "jimmys". LOL.

                  I do an orange cheese cake with Oreo crust and due to coloration like to use only the Oreo outsides and not the cream filling. Since nabiso went all rogue and stopped selling the Oreo outters alone, I use the chocolate wafers with identical results.

                  Good luck.

                  1. I personally have never heard of using the entire Oreo cookie as a base. Its true that you need to add a fatty binder agent to the wafer crumbs and that the white oreo filling is pretty much sugar and lard (seriously), BUT I prefer to control the amount of fat and sugar I add to my cookie base when I make it. I use chocolate wafers. I wouldn't bother getting about separating the Oreo from the white lardy filing. I'd just use chocolate wafers. Besides, its supposed to be a thin crust, not the star of the show? Just a thought...

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                      I have always used the whole cookie when making an Oreo crust. I grind the cookies and add melted butter or margarine and pat it into a pie pan. It is never lardy or too sweet and the perfect base for my no bake chocolate pie.

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                        I think that I must try this! It sounds intriguing and I may have not been considering a valid option for making my Oreo cookie crusts. It sure would simplify things, as we have more Oreos on hand than we do chocolate wafers....:)

                    2. Thanks so much for the advice and information. I think I may try to make a crust with the whole oreo and another crust with just the wafer and some butter per the recipe and see how they taste. The recipe I'm using is for small individual baked Alaska so I should able to experiment. Thanks, again!

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                        Nice choice for baked Alaska base. PS: if you have extra crumbs, sprinkle them on top and around the plate as a garnish.

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                          Yes.... I always sprinkle the top of my chocolate pie with Oreo crumbs. Sort of a blackout pie.

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                          I use the whole oreo. I thought about using the wafers but the price of them was astronomical compared to oreos which is usually on sale and you'd need multiple packs of the wafers.

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                            You'd only need multiple packs for multiple pies. One pack certainly makes a 9-inch crust, in my experience.

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                              LOL, I'll totally admit to being cheap. I think it was about $4 for a box for the wafers and I wasn't sure one would be enough so was going to buy two. The Oreos were buy one, get one free for about $3 for two boxes.

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                                And you get to eat the leftovers with a tall glass of cold milk! Bonus!!!!

                        3. I bake an Oreo cheesecake, and the base is the whole Oreo, crushed. I've never considered scraping off the white stuff--too much work for me. Plus, I toss a few spoonsful of the crushed ones on top of the cheesecake, and get rave reviews for it.