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Nov 29, 2011 11:39 AM

Looking in the RDU Area for Bacala or Bacalao

This is basically salted cod but depending on your ethnic background it may be spelled or pronounced slightly different. Any ideas? I'm pretty sure Southern Season doesn't carry it.

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  1. I've asked about it at WFs, and sometimes they've said they'd be willing to order it for me. I've done this with a number of different semi-odd seafood items, and sometimes they come through, and sometimes they don't.

    1. Try Compare Foods in Durham.

      Does anyone know how long this will keep in the refrigerator. I have a piece I keep forgetting to use. I think I bought it about 18 months ago.

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        You don't need to keep salt cod in the fridge. It is salted as a way to preserve it against spoilage. This process goes back more than 500 years. I think of it as one of the original processed foods.

        I've seen it in International Foods in Raleigh, which used to be called Compare Foods.

      2. You can also order salt cod (and excellent Portuguese linguica and chorizo) from Amaral's Lisbon Sausage in New Bedford MA. The salt cod is under the "other local favorites" category.

        1. Whole Foods on Wade Ave. has had frozen salt cod, which is more or less the same thing. It worked fine for the recipe we used it in. I've also seen it in Grand Asia, but not on a regular basis.

          You can also order it from La Tienda, though it's pricier...but their stuff is nice.

          1. The Whole Foods in Cary has a bin of it sitting out all the time right in front of their seafood case. I'd call to make sure but I'm pretty sure it's always there.

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              I have a Norwegian friend who cooks it for a Christmas Tradition every year. He gets it at Whole Foods- Wade Ave Raleigh.