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Nov 29, 2011 10:23 AM

Red Pepper--Awesome Indian food in Scotch Plains, NJ

Every time we go to visit family in NJ we end up getting take out from Red Pepper. It is seriously among the best Indian food I've ever had. The sauces are complex, flavorful and varied. Their extensive vegetarian options are better than the meat options, but I've had no real duds.

Their spicing calibration is not dumbed down/Americanized, nor does it follow normal spicing conventions. Their "medium" is awesome, but usually has my family in tears. Their "spicy" isn't discernibly spicier than the quite spicy medium. The "mild" has no heat at all, which really diminishes the flavor. We finally figured out that they have a "mild plus" category for those who want a little heat.

I've only ordered take out, so I can't comment on atmosphere, service, etc. And often, there are minor mistakes in our order (a lassi missing or something). They'll make up for it the next time around, but it reflects some disorganization, and is annoying.

The stand outs include the veg pakoras (including hot peppers stuffed with potato, battered, and fried), malai kofta, paneer moghlai, paneer makhani, chhole saag, onion paneer kulcha, and sweet lassis.

Their menu:

Have you been to Red Pepper? What else have you tried?

Our other standby in the area is Silk Road: which serves up awesome Afghani food. Anywhere else in the area we should hit?

Silk Road Afghan & Mediterranean Cuisine
41 Mountain Blvd, Warren, NJ 07059

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  1. Next time you frequent Red Pepper ask if they use a pepper known as 'bhut jolokia' in their culinary creations. I would be surprised if the answer was 'yes.' I live too far away to make it worth my while.

    1. We've long ordered almost entirely vegetarian meals here, and that's really what stands out. After our meal this past weekend I feel compelled to add that the rubbery white meat chicken chunks are really uninspired, as delicious as the surrounding sauce may be.