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Nov 29, 2011 09:50 AM

Looking for good high-end catering

Looking for a high-end catering, who will deliver and plate the food at ones residence and will supply the wine as well. Even if it's just for 2 people, it would need to be either a 3 course meal or 4 course meal. Anyone know of a good one?

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    1. I rec'd this from a friend re: Chef Guillaumme Bienaime formerly of Marche, who is doing catering now. It was an invite to a pop-up dinner to see what his cooking is like. I understand that he does small dinner parties in private homes. You might want to check it out and see if the style suits your needs.

      "On Sunday Dec 4 Guillaume is doing what he calls a 'pop-up dinner', meaning he's cooking a set menu for invited (paying) guests in his friends restaurant while it's closed for business on Sunday evening.
      Email him at if you are interested in attending (I pass this on as a way to try his food, if you haven't already).
      Appetizers 6:30pm
      Dinner 7pm
      Cost: $100 per person, exclusive of tax and tip

      >> Diners will enjoy their meal in the dining room of Cuisinett at two
      >> communal tables. Although water and glassware will be provided, you
      >> are invited to bring your own bottle of wine at no additional cost.
      >> Please note that in accordance to California law, only one bottle per
      >> person will be allowed. Two wine glasses will be provided per person.
      >> Following the communal theme, guests are encouraged to share with
      >> neighboring patrons.
      >> For reservation please email us at with
      >> the number of guests in your party, your phone number and the date you
      >> are interested in. An email will be sent back to you to confirm your
      >> reservation. The maximum capacity is 22 people and we anticipate these
      >> events to sell out very quickly. As so, please respond as soon as
      >> possible. A menu will be sent the week prior to the dinner. Please
      >> let us know of any allergies or dislikes at that time.
      >> We are extremely excited to put this together and are looking forward
      >> to memorable and entertaining evenings! Guillaume is anxious to find
      >> seasonal inspirations for his menus and Geoffrey is excited to show
      >> off his dining room. We hope you find the time this holiday season to
      >> spend an evening with us!
      Menu, December 4th 2011

      Wild Mushroom Confit
      pickled kohlrabi, trufflebert farm hazelnuts

      Soup of Chanterelles
      crustacean oil

      Guinea Hen Canneloni
      porcini bechamel

      Spit Roasted Prime Rib
      mushroom bread pudding, sherry cream

      Truffled Brillat Savarin
      green puy truffles

      Candy Cap Ice Cream
      almond cake, spiced apples

      1. As an alternative, I recently ran across a service called Kitchit that connects you with local chefs, which can be booked for private events at your home: