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Nov 29, 2011 09:05 AM

Gift Certificate for parents Sunapee / Hanover area

I wanted to get my parents a gift certificate some place nice in the Sunapee / Hanover area. They live in Sunapee and go to Rockwells at the New London Inn all the time, and while they love it there, they go there often. They don't mind a bit of a drive for a nice meal, they have tried a few times and love the restaurant at Simon Pearce. Any other suggestions? Thank you!

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  1. Simon Pearce might be the cream of the crop. My parents also live in the New London area (also love Rockwells). They love the Canoe Club in Hanover. Give it a try.

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    1. Peter Christian's Tavern in New London has always been very tasty and they have great service. Molly's Restaurant in Hanover is also quite good.

      1. PCs and Molly's are very different food and atmosphere from Rockwell's. If you are looking for something more like Rockwell's, try the Inn at Pleasant Lake. Some people also like La Meridiana in Wilmot Flat on Rt 11.

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          Thanks for all the suggestions. I have been to PCs my entire life, and while cute, I agree, PCs and Mollys aren't really the same as Rockwells or Simon Pearce. I will check out La Meridiana...they also frequent Inn at PL, so La Meridana might be a nice new option!

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            Another option is Tip Top Cafe in White River Junction. It's a small, intimate little place and the food is quite good. I like it better than Inn at PL. It has a little bit of a more modern feel than Rockwell's - kind of sleek, but not uncomfortably hipster. I moved here from NY via DC and spend a lot of time working in Boston...Tip Top is a gem I was happy to find up here. :)

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              great, thank you! I think Tip Top looks perfect...and I think I might try that next time I am up myself!