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Pies and Tarts YYC

Can anyone tell me of a bakery or grocery store that sells either large fruit tarts or small fruit pies?

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  1. The French booth at Kingsland Market (La Creperie?)
    Yum Bakery in the Calgary Farmer's Market

    I'm sure there are many more but my mind is blank right now.

    1. Sidewalk Citizen Bakery...I think, Aviv used to make the best blueberry tart (galette) I've ever had. Looks like he's mainly baking bread and scones these days: http://sidewalkcitizenbakery.com/ may be worth contacting him to see if they'll do special orders.

      Bliss also makes and sells fantastic small pies out of their Chinatown bakery: http://www.blisscupcakes.com/default....

      Pies Plus has been mentioned here several times over the years: http://piespluscafe.com/

      There's also Costco, I've had their pumpkin pies, can't say I was wowed by the crust, but the filling was good, and they're massive-maybe someone else can chime in about their fruit pies.

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        +1 for Bliss. I make my own pies, but Bliss ones are excellent. They also make large ones, but you have to order them.


      2. I know Sobey's has small fruit pies but I've never tried them.

        1. I like the fruit tarts at the midtown co-op, but i'm talking about the custard ones with glazed fresh fruit on top.

          1. Don't forget that creepy log barn thing on 16th.

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              "Creepy log barn thing": that made me laugh :D

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                Yeah. I'll be buying pies and tarts there - for my enemies.

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                  Not good then?
                  What about Sunterra?

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                    Once a year or so I go to Sunterra just to see what's new. Sometimes I buy, sometimes not. If I do buy it is almost always a product from the shelves. I find Sunterra pretty expensive, and I haven't been impressed by the prepared foods vis-a-vis the price. This pretty much sums up my attitude towards a lot of "high end" grocers, I don't always see the value-add.

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                        Why? I got a coupon for a free tourtiere and I was going to check it out but if not good I won't bother.

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                          They're not BAD, exactly. I really like Sunterra but I find their cakes & pies are lacking. Not as good as some other places but it might just be my preference.

                          If it's free, you can't lose so you might as well redeem the coupon.

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                            I haven't tried the pies but I do find the rest of their baked goods to be hit-or-miss.

                            I saw that Glamorgan Bakery has tarts; pies too but large ones.

              2. I like the Log Barn for pies. Plenty of fruit and tender crust. Way better than Sunterra. But they are large, not small

                1. Itza Bakeshop has tasty tarts - I recall buying apple ones but I might be mis-remembering.


                  1. This is why I'm looking for small pies:


                    One of Mrs Scary's friends, knowing that she is pretty handy in a kitchen, as well as someone who will never shy away from a challenge, brought this to her attention.

                    Anyway, we went to WalMart a few days ago looking for ground pork (surprisingly hard to find in Calgary except in the fatty frozen tubes-and that is already seasoned-but I digress) and noticed that they make several kinds of pies, about 5-6 inches in diameter that would be ideal for this overstated concoction. The goal is really to create a photo-op, so making the full sized version would be wasteful if we can't consume the monster (or don't want to as it is sort of disgusting)

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                      Re: Ground pork. Your best bet would be Spragg's (Kingsland and Calgary Farmer's Markets) or Sunterra Markets.

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                        Happened upon some "on sale" at Co-op. Good thing because we needed a lot to make scotch eggs. Ground pork to me isn't one of those things you should have to pay a ransom-like price for as in buying Spraggs.

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                          Spraggs has fantastic pork. I haven't checked recently, but the price is probably not that much more, for what I believe is a superior product. We buy all our pork there. Especially lots of shoulder, which we grind to make meatballs, pate, etc. They have a "farmer-style" sausage that we got hooked on when they were at the CFM, and we buy it every time we are there so that we always have some, at least in the freezer for an emergency! The ribs are really good, and we got a smoked pork hock recently, which blew me away, as I had only bought grocery store hocks before. I'm all for deals, and we have to spend our money wisely, but I do believe you get what you pay for.

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                            Spraggs, like most small producers have to differentiate buy producing superior processed products like sausages and smoked products. That I may pay a premium for. Some go further by raising heritage breeds like Berkshire, which produce better fat in loins and other cuts which you don't get in standard hogs like those raised by Spraggs. While I'll pay a premium for certain Berkshire cuts, I will rarely do so for standard hogs because the producers are all subject to the same rules for hormone free and antibiotic free, as well as non GMO hogs. You may however find a difference in taste depending on the feed mix. Also, go to Spraggs website, as I did, and you will see that their prices are all higher, some a little, and some a lot, depending on cut.