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Nov 29, 2011 08:11 AM

Iranian Pita Bread

I believe Iranian pita is thinner than other pitas. I live an hour and a half east of Toronto but travel back and forth. Does anyone know where I can find it and am I right - is it thinner?

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  1. I could be mistaken, but I don't think pita is native to Iran. There is a bread called barbari that is traditional in Persian/Iranian cuisine.

    You might be thinking of Lebanese pita, which is thin and, when fresh, very delicious. (This differs from the thick, doughy pita that one usually finds in supermarkets.) In Toronto, one of the best places to get this pita fresh is on the strip of Lawrence Ave. between Warden and Pharmacy. I'd recommend Arz Bakery.

    For Iranian breads, there are numerous Persian bakeries, supermarkets and restaurants on Yonge just south of Steeles (and others farther north) in Toronto.

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      As Tatai mentioned, anyplace north of Finch, on Yonge St will have this. A few of the supermarkets have 24-hour bakeries in them. Not far from the 401, just avoid peak rush hours as the traffic at Yonge-Sheppard will make you question your sanity.

      Also, you might be thinking of lavash. Not pita. All these stores will also have it.

    2. If Taitai is right and you're looking for barbari, there's a strip mall just south of Super Khorak (near Yonge St. and Centre Ave.) that's full of Persian shops. Although I'm not Persian, my mother likes to go to the little bakery there and wait for the barbari to come out of the oven.

      I like Sababa's pitas and they have a nice cafe/market too.

      1. Thank you all - the bread i saw was being used to wrap a Shawarma so it probably was Lebanese . Thank you for all your excellent suggestions - i shall be checking them all.

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          That could have been lavash, which is also used as a shawarma wrap. It would have been a huge, rectangular-shaped flat bread and the resulting shawarma sandwich would be extra large. If it was pita shaped, then it was likely pita. This is what lavash might look like:

          There's another Iranian place called Garni's Bakery, 9555 Yonge St. in Richmond Hill, that makes wonderful barbari on site. (Most of what you find in stores is made off-site in commercial bakeries.) Fresh out of the oven, it's amazing.

          1. re: Tatai

            Thank you so much - I have family near Richmond Hill and will definitely visit Garni's bakery.
            I apologize for my belated reply - I am a Caterer and December is really busy.

            happy new year and thanks again