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Nov 29, 2011 08:06 AM

Go-to lunch spot in Baltimore

What is your go-to quick lunch spot in downtown/midtown Baltimore? I am willing to travel from Lombard to 33rd along the Charles St corridor, though my office is in Mt Vernon. I am mostly interested in sandwiches, healthy not too expansive, but am open to all kinds of food. Thanks!

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  1. Same distance, going the other way: Trinacria. Not necessarily healthful but, hey, the muffaletta sub is so good, it's worth it.

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    1. re: chefdilettante

      that sub is awesome! So is the turkey with smoked mozzarella and artichokes.

      1. re: hon

        That is one I know about-- and love it (and what an experience). Their bread and calzones are amazing also.

        1. re: amarton

          Trinacria is excellent. I would also suggest, near you: Shapiro's Cafe (falafel, corned beef); Milk & Honey (assorted sandwiches); On the Hill Cafe. And farther away from you, in Little Italy, is Cafe Isabella (pizza, sandwiches -- excellent). And right next door to Trinacria -- Mary Mervis or Faidley's at Lexington Market.