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Nov 29, 2011 06:33 AM

Homemade Booze Hoilday Gifts

Anyone bottling anything cool to give to family/friends this holiday season?
Also, where do you get your bottles/jars and labels?
Let's share ideas here.

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  1. Lost my mind and made about 3 gallons of Limoncello for family and friends this year. Found several 8.5 oz square glass bottles at the Containor Store for a very reasonable.

    1. I made a batch of liquore de camomilla. High quality dried camomille flowers infused in grappa for a couple of months, added simple syrup and brought the ABV down to 20%. Then filtered.
      It's great straight up but it would probably work well in cocktails too.
      Like in the riffs on mojito's I made this summer with ouzo, elderflower syrup, lime, mint and cucumber. But I also found ouzo, spruce beer, lime and mint to work well too. Or simply a couple of drops in a glass of prosecco.

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            Cool. Do you drink the alcoholic version or the soft drink? Have you had Clear Creek Eau de vie of Douglas Fir? Similar flavor? I sure do love eau de Doug, but it's frightfully expensive. The Shiver is one of my all-time favorite cocktails (with Campari and grapefruit).

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              There's a brewer in Philadelphia that makes a spruce beer too. Yards Brewery's Poor Richard's Tavern Spruce Ale. Not a huge fan, because it does taste like a Christmas tree, but it was worth trying once. Never thought of mixing it with anything.

        1. I made pomegranate liqueur, green apple liqueur and cranberry liqueur. I mostly take them to holiday parties, but I'm planning to get a few swing top flask bottles from Fante's (around the corner from me, but they are also online) for a few select friends back home.

          Thinking of making coquito for New Year's, as it doesn't have to age.

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            Thanks for the tip about Fante's. I've been wondering where I could locally source swing top bottles!
            Off to google coquito...

          2. I've been handing out bottles of our bitters to everyone lately. But they aren't technically homemade anymore.Folks love them, and the recommendation on pg 100 in Dec. Food & Wine and on Serious Eats didn't hurt.