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Nov 29, 2011 06:05 AM

Peter Luger: Williamsburg vs Long Island

Wanting to have the ultimate steak experience and know that Peter Luger is one (if not THE) best place to have it.

1. What is the difference between the Brooklyn and Long Island locations in terms of experience? Correct to assume to quality of service and substance the same?

2. How long (approx) in advance does one need to make a Sat night reservation for 3-4 ppl? Some idea would be helpful.


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  1. Brooklyn location is much more stark. Hardwood tables and floors. L.I. much more comfortable and has a little decor. Steaks are very good to amazing. You know it will be good. I cannot help with predicting reservation lead time. I am guessing it will be easier on L.I..

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      Definitely easier on L.I. Everything else comparable food wise- those who say otherwise are repeating a myth.

    2. The food is basically the same, but for the "ultimate steak experience" you should go to Brooklyn. true steakhouse experience as opposed to LI which is more of a restaurant feel. As for reservations I'd try at least a few weeks out.

      1. Having eaten at the Brooklyn location for over 25 years and the Great Neck branch the last ten ... 1.reservations for GN are easy to get, even at the last minute.Two weeks ago I called there at 11 on Sunday morning and got my 5:45 and could have gotten a later time. You want Saturday, call now 2. Food is the same, I concur with the others. Every bit as good in GN as Brooklyn. One advantage food wise for GN is, in a word, lobster. Only available in GN and never ordered in substituon of a steak portion but as a great accompaniment to your porterhouse. One size only at 2 1/2 pound and broiled perfectly with a light sprinkling of bread crumbs. 3. There is no substitute for the original feel of Brooklyn particularly if you sit in the front room on the right as opposed to the brand new side room on the left. It may look the same but it ain't original, if that matters to you. 4. The waiters in Brooklyn are fine, professional gentleman, in GN they are even better. They offer a menu when you are seated, bring booster seats for kids and don't bat an eye if a member of your party has questions or is considering the fish. Though unlike Frank Bruni I have never felt pelted by the ceremonial coin toss at the end of the meal I have seen others feel that way. 5. The crowd in Brooklyn is male, loud and "Wall Street" with tourists thrown in. GN is family and suburban, there is no recession in that area. 6. Valet parking in GN makes it easy but equally so in Brooklyn with the train or a car service. Whichever you choose you will enjoy.

        Peter Luger Steak House
        178 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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          I agree 100%.

          I would like to add that the one thing I noticed between Great Neck and Brooklyn is that if you order rare in GN it corresponds to a medium rare in Bklyn. The GN rare is a deep red as opposed to the bluish red of Bklyn. Maybe it's me but that's what I've noticed. I don't order my steak as rare as in the past so it's not that big of a deal for me personally but I have some buddies who would order their steak raw if Luger's allowed it.

          Anyways, I normally order rare at both places. Used to order double extra rare in Brooklyn but I find that the beefy flavor is muted quite a bit that way. However, the metallic twang and texture is definitely there when you order it almost mooing.

          Either way it's a great place, and you will have a fabulous meal.

          1. re: stuartlafonda

            Well dissected, exactly how I would have commented!!

            birdsandtogs .. lol on the mooing, it's how my friends like their steaks!

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              I had lunch at the Brooklyn location last tuesday, with the holiday season it was jam packed. Burgers were superb and seemed even bigger then usual. Bacon, really a smoked ham steak,was excellent as were the fries and spinach. With an ice cold Beck's it was a great meal and I remain convinced Great Neck is every bit as good.