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Second Wegmans Plans to Open: Burlington

I don't think this has been posted. According to Curbed Boston a second Wegmans will open in Burlington in the Autumn of 2012...

"The development, per Casey Ross at The Globe, is supposed to transform an old, 50-building office park just beyond Route 128, at the intersection of the Middlesex Turnpike and Third Avenue in Burlington."


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  1. Interesting...I'm glad to hear that they are looking at independent restaurants rather than chains.

    1. This will be great if/when it comes to fruition as the Burlington area severely needs more restaurant options. But I fear what it will do to the already congested traffic in the area.

      And since I'm a huge beer fan - the competition for craft beer sales from Wegman's itself is much needed in the area as well.

      One chain I wouldn't mind seeing in the Burlington area is a Gordon Biersch brewpub - which I think could do quite well in the area with its "safer" (yet well made) lager options and decent pub food.

      1. Fact sheet...

        At the same web site there's a link to a WBZ radio Interview with Todd Fremont-Smith, Senior Vice President of Development and Director of Mixed-Use Projects...

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          They might be courting indy restaurants, but few will have the financing to be able to afford to open in such an expensive development. Not saying it can't happen - Legacy Place in Dedham is a recent higher end retail development - but even there the dining options are either higher end chains ( Legals ) or outposts of existing empires, like Aquitaine or Met Bar and Grill.

          Gordon Biersch isn't bad for a chain, but geographically it seems a bit of a stretch considering their other places are outside New England.

          It's a good location - people coming from the north can get off Rt 3 at the Rt 62 exit and head south and avoid 128 altogether.

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            Ha! One of the images looks directly into my office window. Someone must have turned on my light the night they took the picture. :)

            Burlington can definitely use some more decent restaurant options, hopefully with a good beer selection. Though I shudder to think what will happen to traffic with a development of that size. Holiday season 2012 is going to be a nightmare..

          2. It's been discussed in prior Wegman's threads, but not on its own. Originally, the open date was planned for late spring 2013.

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              Thanks Karl. I did search the board but missed that.

            2. They are building on the site where the company my husband works for is located. They need to vacate the building in the spring, so maybe construction will start around then.

              1. Westwood is still planned too. Maybe now that outlets will be able to open 2 more liquor stores they'll plan more.

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                  That would be the idea. Wegman's will only open with liquor.... the other stumbling block for a long time was the MA per item price labeling law.

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                    OT, but... has that been repealed? It seems I see a lot of non-individual-labeling these days.

                    1. re: Alcachofa

                      Not yet, but maybe strict enforcement is being avoided while legislation works its way through the state legislature (MA being the last state with a strict item pricing law):


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                        Yeah, craft beers are the worst for no prices - even in better beer stores.

                        I went into a local store and didn't buy anything because nothing was priced. When I talked to the manager, he couldn't understand why I couldn't just ask if I was interested in something. Told him I was interested in everything, but didn't have the time to ask. I noticed every single bottle of wine and booze was individually priced, not just shelf tags.

                        I don't feel sorry for mom and pop shops that hire people that just don't care - and they don't care either obviously, otherwise they would have some oversight.