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Nov 29, 2011 01:56 AM

Rome in December - Are my choices ok?

Hi, I have been reading many of the posts re: recommendations for restaurants in Rome and have so far come up with this short list for dinner. We will be in Rome for 6 days in December and staying near the Piazza Navona. Any help, advice, comments, suggestions, or recommendations as to the best thing to order, would be very much appreciated. And how far in advance is it usually necessary to make a reservation?

Ristorante Paris
Armando al Pantheon
Vino e Camino
Checchino dal 1887
Tuna or il San Lorenzo

Also, anticipating being very jet lagged, was looking for something simple like a pizza for the first night - i.e. Either Baffetto(or Baffetto 2) or La Montecarlo, since they seem to be within easy walking distance, and a a real good meal would be wasted on us, that first night.

Thank you very much, in advance for any wisdom / help you can provide.

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  1. Of your choices I would definitely agree with Vino e Camino and Perilli. In fact, Perilli is one of my favorites in Rome. Make sure to order the carbonara and the mailino.

    If you look on the board, you'll see that Grano has been black listed due to the fact that they seem to be adding a surcharge to bills of obvious tourists.

    For some reason I seem to remember Katie having a not very good experience at Armando recently, but I'm sure she'll chime in on that.

    Simple in your neighborhood, for the first night, maybe Cul de Sac. This an enoteca, but you can go a bit on the early side, have a glass of wine, a plate of cheese or cured meats, and call it a night.

    Other places that I love, in your neighborhood are Settimio al Pellegrino and , just over the river, La Gensola. In fact, I would pick La Gensola over Tuna or San Lorenzo for you fish choice.

    It's good to make reservations a few days in advance. No more than a week, unless is some very hard to get in place like La Pergola. That said, Sunday lunch at Perilli (if that's what you're thinking of) is always fully books ahead of time.

    Hope this helps!

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    1. re: minchilli

      Thank you for advice!! And yes, it does help, I will check into the places you suggest.

      One thing though - except for the first night, we don't mind going to a restaurant that is not near where we are staying. In fact, we were planning on having to take a taxi to dinner on most nights. We like to have leisurely dinners and are more concerned with the quality of the food, than anything else.

      Thanks again!

    2. Between the restaurants mentioned in yout list I know well and like in particular the following:
      - Paris in Trastevere - don't miss fried antipasto and artichokes (carciofi alla giudia)
      - Vino e Camino - also here huge mixed antipasto, tonnarelli cacio e pepe and oven-cooked food
      - Armando al Pantheon - traditional Roman pasta, trippa and abbacchio, offal (if you like it of course). Actually I'm surprised to read about a not good experience here from Katie, curious to know something more about it.

      For a fish-based expensive dinner I prefer Il San Lorenzo to Tuna, but since you don't mind to take a taxi I'd recommend also the michelin starred Aquolina located in north Rome (about 20 minutes by taxi from your stay). Everything is excellent but I can't forget their raw fish and a mix of desserts named "dolce di Ciacco" if I remember well.

      Always not in the historical center Metamorfosi and Giuda Ballerino are great choices for creative food and Le Tre Zucche has an excellent quality/price ratio.

      I agree with Elizabeth about Cul de Sac suggestion for the first evening and concerning reservations.

      Have a great stay and food in Rome!


      Armando Al Pantheon
      Salita de' Crescenzi, 31, Roma 00186, IT

      Via Antonio Serra, 60, Rome 00191, IT

      Cul de Sac
      Piazza Pasquino, 73, Rome, Lazio , IT

      Il San Lorenzo
      Via dei Chiavari, 4-5, Rome, Lazio , IT

      Giuda Ballerino
      Largo Appio Claudio,346, Rome, Lazio 00174, IT

      Vino e Camino
      piazza dell’Oro 6, Rome, Lazio , IT

      Le tre zucche
      Via Guglielmo Mengarini,43/45, Roma, Lazio 00149, IT

      Via Giovanni Antonelli, Rome, Lazio 00197, IT

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      1. re: tavoleromane

        Thanks! Will also look into the ones that you recommend.

        One dumb question though, a little off-topic - are any of these restaurants dressy enough so that my husband would feel more comfortable in a jacket/tie ? It's not a problem, but it is nice to know before you get there.

        1. re: cometraveler

          Few restaurants in Rome are really dressy, but a jacket/tie may be fine in the more expensive places such as the mentioned San Lorenzo, Tuna, Acquolina, Metamorfosi and Antico Arco.
          Anyhow also in these restaurants business casual or a more casual dress (jeans and shirt) are ok.