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Nov 28, 2011 10:39 PM

Help! Chicken noodle soup delivered to Pasadena work place?

Hello dear friends --

My boyfriend is starting to come down with a cold or flu that's making him feel crappy. He works in Pasadena and intends to tough it out and go to work tomorrow for at least a half day. I live in the South Bay and can't physically do anything for him tomorrow during the day, so it crossed my mind that I could attempt to have chicken noodle soup delivered to him.

A few quick Google searches basically gave me Vince's Deli in Pasadena, via some website called GrubHub. I looked at the posted menu and they don't have chicken noodle soup. Plus, on Vince's Yelp page, it says "no" to delivery. I will definitely at least give them a call tomorrow morning to get to the bottom of this...

... but in the meantime, I would like to know if any Hounds out there happen to know of any other delis in the Pasadena area that might *possibly* do delivery. I realize this is asking a lot, because what deli delivers, right? And I'm a bit short on time, because I'd like to surprise him with this, and if he does end up going home by lunch, I want to catch him before then.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I can't think of any delis in pasadena, nor a place that would deliver soup. Another option is, if there is a sandwich place/cafe very close to his work place, and they have soup, maybe they'll walk it over.

    But the best option would be if he would just please stay home and spare his colleagues.

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      Hahaha... thanks, pley -- you know, he may just in fact do that, depending on how he feels when he wakes up at the crack of dawn.

      But I appreciate your idea of possibly asking a nearby place that sells soup to walk it over. This ridiculous fantasy of mine has gotten to the point where I'm even considering driving up to Pasadena, picking up some chicken noodle soup at New York Deli, and delivering it myself, then rushing back to the South Bay!

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          Or REALLY in

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          I was going to suggest New York Deli; never been, but it would be the place to get soup.

          Some restaurants that don't deliver use a master delivery service. There may be one which covers New York Deli; it's worth a phone call, anyway.

          There's also Billy's Deli in Glendale. They make pretty good soup. Not all that far. Maybe they deliver, or have a service that does deliveries.

          Otherwise, there just isn't a lot of traditional deli-type food, including big bowls of soup, in the area.

          1. re: Jack Flash

            I'll echo Jack Flash. I haven't been to New York Deli yet, but I notice that many Y*lp reviews single out the matzo ball soup as a favorite.

            Personally, when my wife is under the weather, I go to Yunnan Garden for their #7 wonton & noodle soup in chicken broth, or Vietnam Restaurant for pho. Both are 15 minutes south of Pasadena, but unfortunately I don't think either delivers.

      1. I know 1st Choice Noodle House delivers but not sure how far up Pasadena are you.

        1. You could try LA Bite, they deliver for many restaurants in Pasadena. They have a pretty hefty surcharge, but may be worth it so you don't have to drive there from South Bay. I'm not sure if they have a deli restaurant, but you can look.

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          1. re: calpurnia

            Thanks to everybody for their great suggestions! Turns out my boyfriend decided to stay home for the day. I may still consider bringing him something tonight...

          2. If you ever decide to try this again - I highly recommend the Wonton soup from Panda Inn on Foothill Blvd in Pasadena. It has become my new go-to soup when I'm feeling under the weather. I know it's not traditional but I convince myself the chicken broth, fresh spinach, chicken, etc are all working together to cure me.

            And they do deliver but might have a minimum order amount (if you need a filler the white chocolate dipped fortune cookies are pretty good)

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