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Nov 28, 2011 08:20 PM

Miller's East Coast Deli 2nd location coming 12/19/11 - San Rafael's Montecito Shopping Center

From EaterSF: Miller's East Coast Deli will be opening its second Bay Area location in San Rafael's Montecito Shopping Center on Sat., Dec 19, 2011.

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  1. That's good news. Do you know what business they're replacing?

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    1. re: Malcolm Ruthven

      They say they'll be next to Rite-Aid on the west side of the plaza, so perhaps the location that used to be Pasta Pomodoro?

      1. re: TerriL

        bingo! address matches pasta pomodoro and pasta is now listed as "closed",

    2. We had lunch at Miller's on the way to Point Reyes on Saturday. The ambience is decidedly strip mall; while most parties sat in the sunny outdoor area around noon, we opted for the view of the cold case over automobiles.

      The menu on the wall near the register is imposingly large, though some combination of corned beef and pastrami account for a sizable number of offerings. We ordered a Reuben and a pastrami sandwich, both of which came with a pickle and choice of side; we both went for the cole slaw. Lagunitas IPA was the best beer available.

      While the rye had a bit much caraway for my taste, it was nice and fresh, up to the task of containing the at least 14 thin slices of properly-warmed pastrami I counted. The pastrami was very good, with a nice balance of fat, salt and smoke- it cried out for decent mustard, but all that was on offer was Heinz ballpark yellow and a brown mustard in a squeeze bottle which didn't have quite the grain I was looking for.

      The corned beef on the Reuben was cut slightly thicker than the pastrami. It was very tasty beef, and the sandwich was admirably grilled and proportioned- the sauerkraut, Swiss and dressing took a back seat to the corned beef, as it should be.

      The pastrami in the cold case was labeled Sy Ginsberg's, a new purveyor to me out of Detroit.

      The slaw was nice and fresh, but the half-sour pickles stole the show. One sandwich came out without pickle; when this was pointed out, a plate of 3 pickles appeared in short order. These are some of the best pickles I've had- small and dense with a delicious balance of sour and cucumber flavors. I would buy a tub of these, but they aren't listed on the takeout menu.

      There was an old Jewish woman at the next table complaining about everything that could have been a hired extra she was so good.

      We will definitely be back.

      1. I have been a couple of times and was pleased. I'm stuck on the something Buddha sandwich - happy, laughing? The matzoh ball chicken soup is good too.

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        1. re: tomatoaday

          Buddha- chopped chicken liver, pastrami, red onion, tomato,slaw, Russian per my takeout menu?
          Was the liver buried in the mix, or did it take an equal seat with the pastrami?

          This was the most interesting menu item to me beyond the usual...

          1. re: Pius Avocado III

            More pastrami by volume and weight, but the chopped chicken liver definitely has a presence in the mix. I love this sandwich!