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Nov 28, 2011 07:02 PM

What to do with leftover pumpkin pie custard?

Tonight I made the "silky smooth pumpkin pie" recipe from Smitten Kitchen (adapted from the Cook's Illustrated recipe), whereby the pumpkin filling is made as a kind of custard with half and half and eggs (yolks and whole eggs), strained through a fine mesh strainer, and then cooked in a blind baked shell. It turned out well, however I have about a cup or two of leftover custard filling. Any thoughts on how to use it? I don't know if it's worth doing ice cream since its not too much. Would hate for it to go to waste, though...

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  1. Bake it in a water bath like you would any other baked custard.

    1. I don't know if this would work, and baking it in a water bath certainly would, but if you wanted something a little different... thin the filling out with some evaporated milk or cream and cook it over a double boiler until you have a pumpkin custard sauce, and serve it with Christmas cookies or gingerbread.

      1. I would whip up some fresh cream and fold it into the custard to make a pumpkin mousse. Serve as is, or make a parfait with some crushed ginger snaps.

        1. When I make lemon tarts, I always have leftover filling and I just put it in ramekins and bake in water baths, but I like the idea of a dip for cookies like shortbread!

          1. I always have extra pie filling and I just bake it in buttered ramekins or pie pan without crust. I usually make pies the day before thanksgiving, so we have pumpin "custard" for breakfast!