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Nov 28, 2011 06:48 PM

Extinct grocery carts?

Does anyone else remember the grocery carts that folded up? The main basket was maybe a foot and a half deep and it folded up. They didn't hold that much, but you didn't have to reach down inside to grab your groceries. Not that I miss them, but I can't remember the last time I saw one. Can't even find a picture of one. On a separate note, I love the little mini-carts that some stores have now, and I hate, hate, hate those obnoxious aisle-blocking toy car carts they have for kids.

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  1. i don't remember any commercial carts like the one you describe - the only folding/collapsible ones i've ever used are the personal ones like this:

    i love the double-basket mini carts too, as well as the wheeled baskets with the long handle.

    don't get me started on those toy carts. some kid rammed into me with one of them the other day when his mother was blithely chatting away on her phone, completely ignoring the fact that her child was barreling through the aisles with it plowing into people.

    1. I too LOVE the mini-carts. Wish more stores would get them.

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      1. re: letsindulge

        Are your mini carts double deckers? The ones in my local Fred Meyer (Kroger) are. I put my reusable shopping bags in the lower part and my purchases in the upper part. Until it's full. Then I start putting them in the lower too.

        1. re: pdxgastro

          I also love those mini-carts. The ones at my local store are double decker and it is funny to see how the customers will stalk people in the parking lot to nab one to take into the store.

          When I asked the manager about the carts, he said they got them in for the older shoppers and were surprised by the popularity.

          So popular, in fact, they have a severe problem with theft. He said they can keep only a few on site at a time.

          I have seen them in use at a convenience store up the road, being wheeled down the street to an apartment complex and at a plumbing supply warehouse.

        2. Found a pic of one! Was starting to think I was nuts. Judging from the height of the soup can I guess they were more like 8" or 9" deep. The basket is higher up and rectangular, and isn't tapered toward the front like most. The basket folds up at a 90° toward the child seat.

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            One of the stores I shop at in the Bay Area, Nob Hill, uses those. They used to be more common.

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              Some Ingle's grocery stores in the Southeast have them though they're being phased out. They're kind of hard to find nowdays.

            2. They are still used at the Roche Bros./Sudbury Farms chain in MA. They're great!

              1. They are used a a grocery store that i don't go to near me in Pittsburgh. My mother still goes there and those carts survived I think it might have been possibly 4 transitions on store ownership and names. The store is in a serious need of a rehaul! The carts i like though.