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Nov 28, 2011 06:10 PM

Porch is Open at Schenley Plaza in Oakland

You walk in are handed a menu by host/ hostess. Told to place your order at the counter. The counter is connected to the bar. There are ample booths and tables to choose. After, you place your order handed a number and directed to have a seat. They will bring you meal out to you. It's got that European flair. I was there for lunch. I enjoyed my meal and staff were very friendly.

Has anyone else eaten there? They are open for dinner to. Porch opened Nov. 14th.

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  1. The Porch has sit down service for dinner. Tried it out with a few friends and it looks like it can be very good place. Did not try but was told the Turkey sandwich was very good. The pizza and wings come from a brick oven and were good. Wings were smoky and come with 3 sauces, Buffalo and BBQ, both were enjoyable. Also had the duck legs that were delicious.

    They have some micro-bres, wind and a few porch drinks. The Almost Arnie is Limoncello and tea, very enjoyable.

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      Porch sounds like a keeper to me. I'll have to go back for dinner soon. Yep the pizza did look good from where I sat at the bar. Thanks didn't know they had sit down service for dinner.