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Nov 28, 2011 05:57 PM

Spanish and Portuguese cherry liqueurs other than ginjinha (anise flavor present)?

I recently had in Portugal ginjinha (ginja), the sour cherry flavored liqueur. At one of the ginja shops I also had a liqueur that had both cherry and anise flavors, but didn't get the name. Later in Madrid I was also given a couple of pours of a very similar cherry/anise flavored liqueur, described as typical of the region, but again did not get the name. Can anyone tell me what names they might be known as?


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  1. Twocents - Since your post has been around for a while, I'm hoping that you already discovered the name of your Madrid cherry/anise flavored "pours". They were probably creme de guindas (sour cherries). In my husband's home province, Asturias, they just call it anis de guinda. In the Basque country I think they call it pacharan. It was once typically home made by soaking the guindas in anisette for several months. I haven't found the correct sour cherry here, but have had great success substituting sour plums from "ornamental" trees.