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Nov 28, 2011 05:35 PM

Vineyards in Santa Cruz?


A visiting family member has requested that we visit vineyards in Santa Cruz. Unfortunately, I know nothing about vineyards down that way. I am turning to you for help in figuring out a few vineyards that are worth a visit. She is especially keen on whites like gewurtz or pinot gris.


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  1. Boony Doon Winery is a great stop. The Winemaker is Interesting, Eclectic and Unconventional and produces some great and interesting wines.

    1. Santa Cruz County has no SF Bay shoreliine, so it's discussed on the California board:

      1. Although there is some overlap, Santa Cruz is mostly covered on the California board, so you should probably search and post there too.

        The Chronicle had a feature on Santa Cruz travel and wineries in yesterday's paper.

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          Apologies, I've always considered Santa Cruz as in the Bay Area. I'll wait for the moderators to move this post, but thank you so much for the link!

        2. Bonny Doon is great, but they moved their tasting room into town. There are a bunch of other tasting rooms in the same complex.

          Bonny Doon Vineyard
          328 Ingalls St, Santa Cruz, CA