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Nov 28, 2011 05:32 PM

Places to buy caviar in Phoenix area?

Usually not a caviar type diner but we had a wonderful caviar-and-egg dish at Jean Georges in NYC a couple weeks back (probably his signature dish) and I can sorta duplicate it for my wife's birthday since the recipe is in one of his books we own, if only I can find decent caviar. This would be the first time I've actually bought caviar in a store and I've only had it served in restaurants maybe 3-4 times, so I'm not really up on the concept.

I'm guessing AJ's or Whole Foods is a possible source (we're not too far to either store) but would listen to other suggestions ... or even mail-order, though it looks confusing with all the options. The caviar in NYC was apparently from the central California coast and was black, so I'm not sure if it was farmed sturgeon or ? but it wasn't salmon roe.

Anyway, suggestions welcomed ...

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  1. AJs and Whole Foods are both good options.

    1. AJ's and Whole Foods turned out to be pretty disappointing. They have various roes (lumpfish and salmon) but not really caviar if you define caviar as sturgeon roe. Bought a jar of lumpfish roe to practice the rest of the dish with but it's not too inspiring. But for $9 what the heck.

      What I really need is "American White Sturgeon Caviar", preferably 'Malossol'. I found a couple of sources and will order a small amount (at many times the price of the lumpfish roe from AJ's, alas) ... if anyone knows a really good on-line source please let me know.



      1. You can try Yasha from Russia, the only russian grocer left in town I believe. shea/32nd st.

        1. You might also consider trying some of the salted/preserved roes of other fish sold at the big Asian markets like Lee Lee. Some of those are very tasty and can be used similar to caviar.

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            i saw a good selection of caviar at beverages and more on scottsdale and shea.

          2. Bevmo had a variety of American caviars when we stopped in last night, including Hackleback sturgeon, osetra and sevruga - a better selection than Whole Foods.