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Nov 28, 2011 04:44 PM

where to find suckling pig in honolulu (or anywhere on oahu) to cater party

hey all... just curious if anyone can recommend anyone to prep a roast suckling pig (chinese/hong kong style, or perhaps philipino lechon style) --- my birthday is coming up in a couple weeks and i have a vision of a 25-30 pound whole roasted suckling pig being the centerpiece of the dinner party on my lanai. Would love to do an imu but this is going to be a monday evening, so dont really have the time.

I've contacted Alicia's Market (kalihi) and he said he can try and do it if he can source the pig....sounds like it'll run me upwards of $200, which is pushin' my budget a bit...

going to check into Nam Fong in chinatown as well....

any other ideas?

alternatively, anyone know where i can acquire my own pig? maybe cheaper that way, perhaps hire someone to roast it...or do it myself....i dunno.

anyway, any help and recommendations would be much appeciated. thx....

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  1. Nam Fong for sure! A great choice!!