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Nov 28, 2011 03:12 PM

In Surrey/Langley for the week...any recommendations?

Hi Everyone!
I am in BC on an unexpected, last minute business trip and will be staying in Surrey near Langley (around 96th Ave, and 200 St) for the week.
I am by myself, and a big jet lagged so would rather stay in the surrounding area if possible. As much as I love Vancouver, I just don't feel like venturing downtown this week.
Is there any places that you would recommend I try? It can't be too cost prohibitive as I have per dium rates I have to stick to but in terms of cuisine, I am pretty much open to trying anything.
On my past trips, I have really enjoyed Sen Viet Restaurant, which I will be going back to. Is there any place to find say, a good steak or decent sushi?
Thanks Chowhounds!!!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I don't know Surrey well so don't know how close this is to you but a Hound who visits Vancouver frequently was very favourably impressed with Desi Dosa Madras on a recent visit. I think you will find other reports to back this up, though you will have to go off board.

      1. A local foodie blogger has a fair amount of Surrey (and some Langley) reviews:

        And another, but less of Surrey and Langley:

        From what I've read, it seems Be 'wiched Cafe, Hilltop Cafe, Pho Tam, Estrella's Montreal Deli, Bombay Se, My Greek Taverna and Boonie's Southern Soul are just a few safe bets.