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Nov 28, 2011 02:02 PM

the best pesach food in hotels

anyone knows what program service the best food?

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  1. Ocean Place had excellent food last year,better than ever before. The presentation was attractive. . They were able to get the food out quickly. Rib steaks served on Yom Tov night came out perfectly cooked to order and in a timely fashion . The other fleishig meals were equally wonderful. There was always a choice of at least one ,if not two meats, a chicken choice and a fish choice. There was duck,lamb roast,veal shoulder roast, beef ribs ,brisket and more that I don't recall. Chinese night is always a favorite of ours. They serve egg drop soup, veal ribs, chicken wings, lo mein ( with pasta ) and more that I don't recall. Midnight buffet were more enjoyable and unique than ever before as well. My personal favorites were the potato knishes(in dough) and cheese puffs. There was pizza (really good this year ), eggplant parmigiana, salads, soups and more. Breakfast and lunch buffets are always delicious as well. There were assorted French ,English, Israeli cheeses,assorted smoked fish, fresh fish , pastas ,pizzza and salads. A highlight is Pesachdike bread. When heated you'd never know that it is Pesachdig. They use it in paninis , toast it in the tea room . It is truly unbelievable. My son looks forward to this food from year to year.

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      You certainly remember a lot of detail for something that was eight months ago. Anything you didn't like?

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        The desserts were very good too. The cakes looked as if they were chometzdik. We enjoyed them. We enjoyed the ice cream ,pareve ice cream and sorbets too.

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          My son was reminiscining when he saw me writing. He kept urging me to say more and more. He really loved the food. Nothing comes to mind that we didn't like.

      2. While I did not go to a hotel for pesach , my brother in law did. He is in a program called Vim in the Stamford Plaza Hotel. Now my brother in law is, Kain ein horeh, a large man, girth wise, he made a comment that he never saw so many fat people in a program before (he goes away every year to a hotel) , fat like a couple of hundred pounds (his words) so I guess one can call this a testimonial to the program - food wise :)

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          Unless you are implying that all these people put on their weight this week, I think it says absolutely nothing about the food.

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            I know, I just thought that my brother-in-laws observation was humorous - unless you believe that obese people would choose a program for its food reputation as opposed to things like tennis courts, golf, scuba diving etc :)

            Note the smiley on my prior post (and current one)