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Nov 28, 2011 01:41 PM

Cape Town, South Africa] Balthazar

Lunch on the waterfront. We were quite peckish after the morning’s township tour and this place seemed to fit the bill. It advertises itself as “voted the best steakhouse in South Africa” – although digging a little further through its website it seems that was in 2005 and it doesn’t mention what organisation gave them the award – so we took that with a pinch of salt.

It still did the business. Chicken kebab with rice. Steak sandwich on a Portuguese Prego roll, with chips and salad. Both perfectly fine – good ingredients, cooked properly.

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  1. We enjoyed the covered patio tables where we could people watch while we ate very nice food - not a grand cuisine restaurant but very nicely prepared offerings. Does have the reputation of being the best in Capetown -- and it may well be.