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Nov 28, 2011 01:39 PM

freeze dried fruit & vegetables.

I am wondering if anyone knows of a store not too far a field that carries freeze dried fruits and veg, I am looking for freeze dried corn specifically. Just to specify it must be freeze dried, along the lines of what just tomatoes sells see here.

Thank you

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  1. Le Baron sells freeze-dried food including corn: (PDF)

    Le Baron Outdoor Products
    8601 St-Laurent Blvd.

    1. I love the corn from Just Tomatoes! I have bought freeze dried corn here in Montreal made by Sensible Foods:
      You can find them at health food stores, I have bought them many times at Teva (Decarie near Queen Mary).

      Queen Mary Restaurant
      5504 Ch Queen-Mary, Montreal, QC H3X1V6, CA

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      1. re: chefjeannine

        Thank you for the suggestions, unfortunately Teva no longer has the corn as it did not sell well for them. I can order a case but I wanted a small quantity for some experiments before ordering stuff i might not need. Le baron's a bit faqr-out but looks like i'll have no choice, none of the health food type stores I normally hit have freeze dried fruit/veg.

        1. re: cricklewood

          You could also try calling Mountain Equipment Co-op, though that may not be convenient, either. There used to be another Le Baron camping equipment place on Notre-Dame W. but I'm not sure they're still open - try calling 514 381 4231. Good luck!

          1. re: kpzoo

            I can confirm that the store is closed

      2. I found a selection of freeze dried fruit (strawberries and I can't remember what else) at Adonis recently.