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Nov 28, 2011 01:37 PM

[Cape Town, South Africa] Bukhara

Bukhara’s website describes its food as “arguably the finest Indian food on planet Earth”. It isn’t. Although, it is pretty decent.

Freebie poppadums seemed freshly made and were light, crisp and spicy. They came with tangy chutneys.

As an alternative to the more usual lamb seekh kebab, I opted for their chicken version. It proved a good choice. Moist, delicately spiced and accompanied by onion rings, dusted with garam masala and a handful of rocket. The rocket struck an odd note; its flavour not really working with the eastern spicing.

We both went with lamb dishes for mains. Lamb Patiala proved the better choice. Accurate, well rounded spicing in which ginger was well to the fore. It is, perhaps, churlish of me to order a dish called “pepper lamb” and then moan about the pepper. But it was over used and had an aggressive raw taste to it. Rather a shame as the sauce did no favours to the lamb which was top quality and very well cooked. The heavy handed use of the pepper really did detract rather than add to the enjoyment.
We shared a portion of lemon rice and a couple of tandoori roti.

We had the misfortune to eat at Bukhara on a night when there was a very large party of about 30 also in. To say that they were noisy would be to underestimate the noise that the constant shrieking could produce. It made normal conversation, even at the opposite end of the restaurant, very difficult.

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  1. Their food is good, not great. And for those prices, I'd quite like great.
    The other half says that they seem to use the same base sauce for most of the curry dishes, and he finds less depth of flavour - I'd feel he were just trying to flatter me, but he's never been compelled to finish everything at Bukhara, whereas that's the usual at home.