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Nov 28, 2011 01:17 PM

Svetec Farms (Clarinton, ON) Opinions on Quality and Value?

Hi Everyone,

I was thinking about purchasing a Winter Box from Svetec Farms ( and was wondering if anyone had any opinions on their products and whether what they are offering is a good value for the cost?

I am interested in getting more local, ethically raised products but have no experience with this so I am not really aware what is a good price etc. So any opinions on their quality and the prices would be really helpful.

Thank very much!

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  1. The winter option for a $145 lb box of beef is not very forthcoming. Not enough information on weights or thickness of steaks. It might be as small as 15 lb.
    I tried to buy eggs from them at the farmgate three times last spring and was refused because the chickens were not laying.
    I bought a thin T-bone steak, hard to grill. There wasn't much choice.

    I have had much better luck at
    Here is a similar package

    1. I purchased a couple of ducks 2 weeks ago and am happy with the purchase. I also requested extra duck fat, if they had any, and they were helpful.