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Nov 28, 2011 01:07 PM

Looking for Chinese recommendations in Antwerp and in Brussels

I live in Brussels. A (Chinese) colleague and I have heard the rumour that Antwerp is the nearest place to get good Chinese food. We're thinking of taking a road trip this weekend to see if this is true. We're looking for suggestions.

Does anyone have a suggestion of a good (authentic) Chinese restaurant in Antwerp?

Is Ho Chan House any good for dim sum?

And the bonus question:
Does anyone have a suggestion of a good (and authentic) Chinese restaurant in Brussels?

Thanks for any help you can give! I'll report back to this thread with the outcome of our trip.

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  1. In Antwerpen you must try Lam and Yin. Make sure to book well in advance.
    They concentrate on a very short list of maximum six dishes, three starters, three mains. Minimalist decor, no kitsch. Smiling service. The wine list (and the bill) speak of higher ambitions than most chinese places in Antwerpen tend to aspire to.

    Full Sing can be good and is authentic, but it is definitely not find dining, more a convenient quick tasty bite.

    A new development is Cuichine, but I was there only once and found the noise level just too much to endure.

    I am very eager to read the tips you will get for Brussels.