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Nov 28, 2011 12:34 PM

"Higher-End" Takeout -- Oakland/Berkeley?

I need to bring home "restaurant" food for dinner tonight and was planning on hitting Boot and Shoe Service for salads, pastas and pizzas, but it is closed on Monday. Any other ideas of Oakland/Berkeley restaurants that are conducive to take-out? My fall-back is Southie, but I wanted a slightly bigger menu if possible. Is PIzzaiola as good with take-out as B&S?

Boot and Shoe Service
3308 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94610

6311 College Ave, Oakland, CA 94618

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  1. Gregoire (Cedar in Berkeley and Piedmont in Oakland) has excellent take-out, but closer to fine dining appetizers and mains, not pizza and salads.

    1. Summer Kitchen & Bake Shop was originally conceived as a mostly take out place, though people tend to eat there. Their chicken tenders are delicious.

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      1. re: betterbeheaven

        I can vouch for the deliciousness of Summer Kitchen's pizzas. I sampled them at COLLECTOR's opening party (new gallery next door to SK).

      2. I know it's the day after, but Le Bedaine has great food for takeout!

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        1. re: Cindy

          Second La Bedaine. They are the best - great food and a wonderful young couple who runs the place.

        2. I ended up at Gregoire's -- it was a hit, especially this months calamari and oxtails. Thanks for reminding me about the option.

          Le Bendaine is my favorite as well, but would have been too far out of the way.

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