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Nov 28, 2011 12:32 PM

Any tips on a good restaurant open on Christmas night (day of Christmas)?

Open restaurants on Christmas day. Visiting the Georgetown area and willing to drive 20-30 minutes.

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  1. You probably had this answered, as there was a similar question to your posted around the same time. Anyway, the simple answer is seek out *hotels*.

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        Din ho. I imagine Ho ho will be open too. Maybe First Chinese too.

        1. re: BTAustin

          A couple years ago when, the Armadillo Bazarr was at the convention center, I discovered that the chain restaurants in the area were open. PF Changs took reservations (and also comped our meal, even though we never complained, when the waiter got our order mixed-up). These places might be a bit better than hotel restaurants.

    1. I remember a couple of years ago I think my husband and I ate at La Feria on Christmas (they had tamales). It was good, packed out, and friendly service. It was the one on S Lamar, but I think they have several locations, including up North. You may want to call them. I wouldn't say it was 'awesome' food, but it wasn't bad either.

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        Thanks for the tip....I think we've decided to go to McCormick and Schmidts for seafood and a steak for Nana.