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First time to Lawry's - any advice? (sorry, messed up 1st post)

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I've lived in LA all my life, but have never gone to Lawry's The Prime Rib before. I'll going with my husband and parents this weekend, and I'm really looking forward to it. Is there anything I should know? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Stick to the ribs.

    The spinning salad, mashed potatoes and yorkshire pudding are included.

    Sides are extra. I reccommend the creamed corn or creamed spinach(one is enough to share for two, or splurge and get both).

    The house lable "wine of the month", is a good buy at only $20.00 a bottle.

    1. Make sure you have a reservation unless you get there when they first open. Dress is casual--I've even shown up in shorts (hey-someone called me at the last minute). Valet parking only- $6 or $7?
      Nice layout of complimentary Hors'Dourves...my favorite are the little meat balls. If you have kids 12 and under they have a child's menu and portion of prime rib. You're there for prime rib...otherwise there's poultry and seafood too. I wouldn't opt for the English cut(thin slices) since I want something to sink my teeth into. All meals come with their famous "spinning" salad and nice freshly made bread. If you have room for desert they have the old CC Brown's chocolate sundae.

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        The potato chips are a real treat at the hors'dourves station.

      2. The creamed spinach really hits the spot, probably because it's more cream than spinach. Not so healthy, but oh so fun.

        1. Be prepared for a *very casual* experience. One of the things I miss about Lawry's today is the lack of old fashioned atmosphere that's usually part of a special occasion. Lots of tourists, dressed as tourists do. I've seen flip flops and tee shirts. Aside from this the beef is good and the little serving rituals fun.

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            Yeah, the too-casual crowd at Lawry's is a shame. I love that place but shorts, flip flops, and tee shirts kinda kill the cool retro atmosphere. However, the prime rib is great and those enormous deco-looking steel carving carts are just too cool!

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              Reality Check

              I thought Lawry's had a dress code? Guess they gave into the almighty dollar.

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                We went for dinner last Christmas Eve and I had a big fight with my step son who was wearing jeans. Being a teenager he refused to change. I finally gave up and boy was I shocked to see how cauaul everyone was dressed!! Needless to say I've never heard the end of it from my step-son.

                As a youngster we never went to places like Lawry's dressed in anything less than nice clothes. But it appears to be that way everwhere now. SAD.

                At least the food hasn't changed, it only seemed more crowded (and lots of tourits) than ever.

          2. I like Lawry's, but then again, prime rib is one of my favorite foods. Like one of the PP mentioned, the complimentary meatballs are very good. They go fast though, so if you're hungry, you may want to hang around that little waiting room so you can get some as soon as the waiter brings them.

            I like the regular cut prime rib -- the english cut is sliced too thin for my taste (like roast beef). The spinning salad is surprisingly good, in addition to being entertaining. I'm not a big fan of their yorkshire pudding, but hubby and I always get a side of creamed spinach to share.

            Their horseradish is not pungent enough for me, so I always ask for a side of straight horseradish and mix some into the creamed horseradish to give it more kick.

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              Never Misses A Meal!

              We go once a year at Christmas for our office holiday party because that they have Christmas carolers who stroll through the dinning room, and we always have a great meal! I order the California cut of the prime rib which refers to the size of the slice. It's just right for me and not too thin. I like it a little pink in the center. The prime rib is rolled up to your table on a cart and manned by a carver wearing a large gold medallion on a red ribbon. Talk about bling! Your waitress, who will introduce herself as "Miss _____," will help you place the order with the carver. My husband orders the cut called the Diamond Jim Brady, which is a very large slice, but not the largest. The Beef Bowl cut is the largest. I don't recall how many ounces but it's massive. They can explain all this.

              The meal comes with mashed potatoes, I think, but my hubby and I share a baked potato, which is a la carte. The potato is huge and always very flavorful. We get all the condiments for it on the side.

              The yorkshire pudding that comes with the dinner is UNBELIEVABLE. Love that.

              We also order the CC Brown's hot fudge sundae to remind me of when I used to go there as a kid on Hollywood Blvd. But all the desserts that we have tasted are delicious.

              Have fun!

              1. I love Lawry's! It could be the fact that I went there every year for my dad/brother's birthday (yes, my brother was born on my dad's birthday ;-) while growing up and into adulthood. It's one of those places that has pretty much stayed the same for the last 30+ years in terms of service and quality (I won't comment on the dress of the clientele, as that's *not about food* ;-).

                Of course you have to get the prime rib. I always get the original cut. They offer thinner cuts, but I figure if you are splurging, get what you want. They have the whole prime ribs stacked (cooked) in carts, according to rareness-to-well-done, so you always get the meat cooked the way you like. Personally, I love the yorkshire pudding and creamed horseradish that comes with the meal, as well as the salad, which uses one of Lawry's signature dressings (French) that is no longer commercially available. I always opt for the baked potato over the mashed, and always get the creamed spinach.

                It's a fun, tasty meal. If you don't go expecting an uber-gourmet experience, but rather anticipate quality food, prepared well, with attentive service, you will have a great time. Enjoy!

                1. Save room for dinner afterward -- there's very little worth eating at this depressing-feeling tourist trap. The creamed corn is not bad -- but then again, when is it? -- but the creamed spinach is awful, the spinning salad is all show and no go, and the prime rib itself -- never my favorite entree -- is served tepid and smothering it in their ultra-tame horseradish to where one couldn't see an inch of meat still added no flavor, kick or heat. If you like the decor of the Regent theater on La Brea, it's that decor. To me, it's awful.

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                    Wow! Say it like you mean it!

                    I'd be interested to know how many times you've eaten at Lawry's? Never once have I been served prime rib "tepid and smothered" in any kind of sauce. . . it's always served hot, properly cooked, in a little au jus, with the horseradish served on the side.

                    Anyhow, it's always interesting to me how people can have such diverse opinions on the same places. Vive le difference!

                    1. re: DanaB
                      Reality Check

                      I've been to Lawry's about ten times. Once and only once, was the prime rib served tepid.

                      But after I mentioned it to the waitress, the cart came back quickly and I got a new cut of prime rib, which was hot and tasted great.

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                        Sorry for any confusion -- I put the horseradish on (out of necessity).

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                          forget the horseradish

                      2. re: jcwla

                        Where do you usually go for, "dinner afterward"?

                        1. re: Ralph Ahn

                          Within two minutes of Lawry's?

                          I'd rather go to Caffe Carrera.

                        2. re: jcwla

                          >>>"ultra-tame horseradish"

                          Ask for some of their plain horseradish. It's the very strong, sinus clearing kind. At least all the times I've had it.

                        3. We are regulars there, given its proximity to the Wilshire Theater and convenient parking. I pass along two tips: First, when you first sit down ask your waitress to point out your carver. Then while your're waiting for your drinks go and tip your carver a few bucks before he arrives to carve your meat and dish up your sides. We've found that the portions increase dramatically. Second, ask for some "crispy's." These are the trimmings of the end cuts that, while not rare, are so flavorful and, well, crispy. They are addictive. You can request extra jus and gravy as the Yorkshire pudding tends to absorb almost all of the jus. Incidently, we once called to order some of the delicious meatballs to go, as we were positive that they were house-made from prime rib trimmings. We were told by a chef in the kitchen that they don't sell them to go but that they were not house-made but instead were Kirkland brand from Costco in the frozen case. Sure enough, he was right. Enjoy.

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                            After tipping the carver, do you then proceed to ask for the beef slice smaller than what you normally would order? I also ask the carver to carve off the end, as I find that meat very flavorful.

                            1. re: SchweinHexen

                              I make no requests at all. If he rewards my tip with a thicker slice of meat, or a bone-in slice, or double portion of mashed potatoes, I'll tip him again next time we're in. I agree that the end cuts are extremely flavorful but I prefer my meat rare to medium-rare and you can't have both. That's why I love the crispy's.

                          2. Thank you all for the tips and advice! I'm sure I'll enjoy dinner this weekend, as prime rib is one of my faves. Thanks again!

                            1. If you make reservation through DinnerBroker.com, you can get a Dinner for Two Special.

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                              Dessert: Chef's Special Dessert, coffee or tea

                              A bottle of Lawry's private label wine is included.

                              Cost is $89 for two persons.

                              Offer expires on 12/31/2006.

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                              1. I've lived here all my life and have only been to Lawry's once (the old California Center not included).

                                It felt like Disneyland to me. Waaaaaay too many tourists and not enough focus on the food itself. Don't get me wrong, it PR was very very good, but I think it can be found at a better price and in a better environment elsewhere.

                                1. Thank You!!!Took your advice and tipped the carver 5 bucks. I asked for crispys and a box of bones (we got 5)to take home. !! And also he cut us both extra large slices of prime rib.Also..I complained to our waitress(18years there) her service was not good. She comped our dessert platter.