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A decent sub in chantilly

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I wanted a italian sub today for lunch. I work in chantilly and I drove around looking for one. I'm sorry to say I wound up Quiznos near Sully and rt50. Last time I am making that mistake. $6.50 for italian sub size of my hand and litterally meat so thin and skimpy, I could see light passing through it. As for bread, I guessing the same person who made subway bread was consulted for quiznos.

So question, where can find a decent sub in chantilly?

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  1. Santini's certainly qualifies as decent.

    1. Santini's is good. If you go onto Willard Rd, there's a deli called Amaretti's that does some good subs, too.

      1. Try "the Deli" in herndon off of Elden Street. Comes close to rivalling the Italian Store.

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          Santini's is definitely good, but I highly second "The Deli". They now have three locations; the two others are Sterling and Fairfax, though I haven't been yet. Do note that the regular listed sandwiches come with double portions. So, for instance I order the Hot Sicilian with single portion.


        2. When I worked in Chantilly a few years ago, I would go to Lee Road Deli which is on Lee Road near Rt. 50 and 28.

          I remember their Cheesesteaks were good.

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            Good call -- it's still there and hasn't changed a bit. Classic greasy spoon.

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              You kidding me? Chantilly already has many spots that makes it difficult for me at times to choose. I haven't even heard of this, but may have to pass up known spots to try this one out.

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                It's not exactly high profile. It's right near the corner of 50 and Lee, in the block that includes Baldino's Lock & Key. I'm sure most of their business comes from people working in the adjoining businesses.

                I've only had breakfast there -- when i bring my car to Viking Automotive for service -- but they definitely tout their cheesesteaks. The proprietor can be gruff but he's ok.

          2. I used to go to The Deli in Herndon often...really good subs.

            No one has mentioned Jersey Mike's with more locations on the way...they...get this...they slice the deli meats right in front of you and they pack that sub roll (good roll by the way) full...I have never been disappointed. Jersey Mike's beats Subway and Quiznos. Jersey Mikes is higher quality all they way.

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              We tried a Jersey Mike's for the first time in Pennsylvania this summer. Too much mayo, but very impressed wtih the quantity of meat on the sandwiches. A welcome addition to the area.

            2. Your question made me wonder the same thing so I posted a poll on Chantilly Patch: http://patch.com/A-pdg9 Santini's is taking the lead, but I like Jason's Deli better.

              1. I've been on a real sub kick. Will not touch subway or quiznos but pot belly and jersey mikes is good. Still not enough meat. Not sure why they continue to skimp.

                I did go to wegmans sub last week and it was pretty good. Could not believe that a grocery sub was that good. Could use more meat.

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                  Yeah, Wegman's does a good job. The full-size sub can fee our family of four. Plus, they have a nice array of Zapp's Chips to go with.

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                    Saw the zapp and it took all my will power not to get one. I figure I was already getting my allotment of salt for the week with the sub.

                    BTW, you get 14inch sub for $8 at wegman. Can anyone finish this thing. It is huge. I did go recently and got the ET sub roll. Really good bread. got the sub and went and order half pound of turkey and walla, finally got enough meat on my sub. I at a quarter of that whole sub. Rest was wife and kids and everyone was full.

                    Maybe, I'll take a drive out there today.