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Nov 28, 2011 10:51 AM

Favorite Dishes at Naha, Mundial Cucina Mestiza, Piccolo Sogno and Everest?

I'll be dining at these restaurants next week and I was wondering if anyone would care to share their preferences. Is there a can't miss dish at any of these? I generally order appetizer, main course and dessert. I'm thinking of doing the seasonal tasting menu at Everest and would appreciate any feedback. I will report back on my experiences. Thanks for your help.

Piccolo Sogno
464 N Halsted, Chicago, IL 60622

500 North Clark St., Chicago, IL 60610

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  1. Stracci di farro (white truffle oil, triangle pasta, asparagus, mushrooms) and spaghetti neri di mare (squid ink spaghetti with seafood) are two favorites at Piccolo Sogno - both are richer so appetizer portions are a great way to enjoy both dishes with the table.

    Piccolo Sogno
    464 N Halsted, Chicago, IL 60622

    1. At Naha, I see the current menu includes both a risotto and a burrata app -- and I've always found their Risottos and their burrata dishes particularly good ... As well as their halibut entrees.chef has a deft hand with each. I'd also be tempted by the greek salad option with a family recipe used ...

      I have lived every dish I've had at Naha ... You really can't go wrong.

      1. The tasting menu is the way to go at Everest. Last time I went was back in 2009. It was a lot of food (I had to take the mignardises home). My favorite dish was the scallop dish, which came on a bed of risotto. It was impeccably executed!

        For Piccolo Sogno, you gotta do the pastas. They make their own pasta there, and it shows. Both the squid ink and the papparadelle with lamb meatballs are quite good. The calamari and the branzino are also pretty good. Their zabaione-flavored gelato is superb.