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Vegetarian pita pocket ideas

I've just returned from the supermarket with a pack of pita pockets and would love to know some healthy ways to put together vegetarian sandwiches with them. Thanks!

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    1. greens, avocado, hummus, olive tamponade, cheese, sun dried tomatoes, onions, soy, olive oil, nut butters and banana, sprouts,

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          Like all of them but the nut butter + banana. Always believed bananas should be eaten solo! :)

        2. Here's a simple one: black beans, feta crumbles, chopped onion, black olives and vinegarette.

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            Thanks. Unfortunately, where I come from, feta cheese is VERY expensive. I suppose I can try this as a one-off sandwich experiment :)

          2. Fried eggplant, hard boiled eggs, hummus, salad, tahini and sliced pickles. Hot sauce optional.

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              Nice. Love eggplant. But I can't stand hard boiled eggs. I'll use an alternative. Thanks!

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                Season tempeh crumbles with Cavender's Greek seasoning and sauteed onions, stuff pitas then cover with black olives, chopped cucumber and tazatziki sauce

            2. I make a mixed green salad with tomatoes, diced red pepper, green onion, finely cut carrots, toss it with a good vinaigrette and load up the pita pockets.

              1. Grilled (or panfried) Haloumi cheese with assorted grilled (or roasted) vegetables. My favorite are bell peppers, onions and cherry tomatoes. And always topped with sprouts. Pitas and sprouts are made for eachother.

                Although, if feta is pricey in your area, haloumi's probably even more so...:o\

                1. Hummus and cherry tomatoes or hummus and cole slaw (not mayonnaise-y type) are favorites around here.

                  1. slather in some honey mustard/ line pita w/lettuce/tomato slice(s)/avocado slice(s)/ and sliced cheese of choice; add chopped olives, pickles, etc. to taste.