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Nov 28, 2011 09:41 AM

Client dinner in Burlington/Billerica area

Greetings, hounds. Have a big dinner meeting coming up and wanted the best info. Last time we met it was at L'Andana. I wasn't thrilled. Is there any high quality alternative in the area? Looking for delicious food with wine to match....but, most importantly, atmosphere conducive to a relationship building business meeting. Budget no object, our guest is a non-meat eater. Thanks for your expertise.


86 Cambridge Street, Burlington, MA 01803

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  1. Other nice restaurants in Burlington that would be suitable for a business dinner would be Capital Grill, Summer Winter or Cafe Escadrille.

    Cafe Escadrille
    26 Cambridge St, Burlington, MA 01803

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      Not much in the way of "client worthy" restaurants that fit your criteria in that area. Since you have already tried L 'Andana and your guest doesn't eat meat, I would second the suggestion of Summer Winter. Yes, it is in a Marriott hotel and yes, reviews are decidedly mixed, but I have eaten there 4-5 teams and have always been satisfied. Atmosphere is nice but certainly not quite to the level of a Capital Grill.

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        Haven't been to Cafe Escadrille in years, but my last visit was pretty lame.

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          2nd that, barely steam table food. I'd recommend Captial Grille, in Burlington, may be a good place for the OP.

      2. Hi

        Antoher good choice would Parson's Table in Winchester. It is a small restaurant with very good food and service. They don't have a full bar but do have a very nice wine and beer list. The chef focuses on using local indgredients and there are specials each day. The place has a nice relaxed atmosphere. I have used it for business dinners many times and my guests have always been very satisfied and complementary about Parsons' Table. I would suggest a reservation and you can check out a smaple menu from their web site.

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          Parson's Table closed a few weeks ago. There is a new restaurant there now, not sure of the name though.

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            The new restaurant is A Tavola which is owned be the Bistro 5 folks (

        2. Thanks everybody. Slim pickings in that area, huh?

          1. Il Capricio in Waltham seems to meet all the requirements you are looking for.


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            1. APBAPB I think you should still consider going back to L'andana. They have great tuna tartare and great lobster and other kinds of fish. I happen to adore their Bolognese. I love the food there. I had to spend an enormous amount of time in that area at Lahey and ate at everyplace that has been mentioned and if I had to choose which one I hands down would choose L'andana. Also the service is very thoughtful and warm. The panna cotta dessert is amazing. I really think it's the best restaurant in that area.

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                Thanks again, everybody. For a variety of reasons, not the least of which being that there is no clearly better alternative, I'm going to take up cherrytomato's recommendation and give L'Andana another try. Ah, the burdens we must bear to advance the corporate weal.

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                  May I suggest Dalya's in Bedford? The atmosphere is excellent, large country-inn-ish. The food is excellent and there are always vegetarian and other interesting non-meat options.