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Nov 28, 2011 09:14 AM

How to use leftover gravy?

It is not that I don't enjoy gravy. However ... the calories ... the fat ... I eat it on Thanksgiving with the turkey ... that's it..

I bought gravy at two stores. I bought a backup medium sized container from Whole Foods in addition to a big container elsewhere. Never touched the WF gravy and all the turkey is gone.

Also, I save the pan drippings to make a gravy that sounded interesting. So if I can think of other uses for gravy I'll make that. Otherwise I guess I'll toss the drippings.

I know I can freeze gravy, but what in the world do I do with it then? I guess every now and then to top mashed potatoes. Anything else?

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  1. Use it as a base for soup -- thin it out with chicken or turkey stock and make whatever kind of soup you want. I do this with braising liquids and leftover sauces all the time. Makes for a really flavorful soup.

    Or use it as the base for a turkey or chicken pot pie.

    1. To make chicken or turkey pot pie? That's what I did with the rest of my gravy: turkey sort-of pot pie (mashed potatoes on top instead of pastry).

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        Turkey pot pie/Shepard's Pie is our way of using extra gravy, veg and mash potatoes. The mash is works as a topping and mixed into the gravy to tighten up the filling..

      2. You can pour it into ice cube trays and freeze. Then you can defrost as much as you need. It's handy to have so if you're making a quick dinner and your pan sauce needs a little something more, you can throw in one or two cubes right to the pan, without defrosting, and you've got more liquid and flavor.

        1. After seeing "The best thing I've ever made", I want to make this recipe.

          I plan to replace chicken reduction with gravy.

          1. I freeze the leftover turkey meat in thinned down (with stock) gravy. It keeps wonderfully then and can be used later.

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              Just have leftover gravy. No turkey left.

              That is usually what I do when I have turkey. Usually I never have enough gravy. This is the first time with too much.

              Would this work for biscuits and gravy if I freeze the gravy by itself?

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                It would be great for biscuits and gravy--it might need to be thinned out w/ cream/milk.

                Or use it as a base for some kind of croquettes. Make a cream of xxxx soup. Mix it w/ chicken, mushrooms, onions, peas, pasta (all cooked), top w/ buttered bread crumbs and bake for a tetrazzini. Think of it as a flavorful white sauce.

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                  Yup! DingDing... we have a winner.

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                      I agree with the comment that its good to freeze and use as needed to improve and enrick sauces and stews.or use it with chicken or a baked potato - or make a hot turkey or chicken sandwich. We always run out of gravy (home made) ahead of stuffing and turkey so we are in a different place on this question.