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Nov 28, 2011 07:47 AM

Local VA Hams?


I am hoping to buy a smoked or baked ham for this upcoming weekend - but was hoping for something more locally grown and cured than the honey baked or grocery store variety.

Since Virginia is known for their hams I was hoping this wouldn't be too hard. extra points for pickup or delivery closer to DC proper as I am a city dweller and might not want to drive hours to get the ham.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. It is probably too late to get in line for this weekend but there is a helluva ham at Dardens Country Store "out from" Smithfield. They have a website. Any ham that is coated with borax is OK by me. It's great stuff.

    1. The butchers at Eastern market can help you and they are close to the Metro.

      Keep in mind - most "Virginia" hams are salt-cured and need 1-3 days to soak before they are cooked in order to leech some of the salt and put some moisture back into the Ham.

      1. There is a vendor at the Old Town farmers market in Alexandria on Saturdays who sells local ham. He is next to the Town Hall below the clock. Unfortunately I do not know his name but he is always there.

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          I think that's Calhoun's. I got one of those this summer, and it was very good. Salty, but really good.

          1. re: Mer_Made

            Tom Calhoun's VA hams are excellent and a true VA product through and through.

        2. VA is known for VA hams, not other kinds like smoked.