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Nov 28, 2011 07:22 AM

Bread in NDG/Westmount

For the last few weeks, I've been trying a number of bakeries in Montreal in a quest for the perfect baguette.

Unfortunately, none of the great bread I've had comes from my neck of the woods: NDG/Westmount. So far I've tried Gascogne (great patisseries, so-so bread), Le Fournil (meh), Pain Doré/Première Moisson (inconsistent), Nancy (just ok) and Le Maître Boucher which carries ArHoma baguettes (excellent, but only baguettes are offered there and I like to switch it up some times).

Am I missing some place? We have the client base, so when are we going to get our Guillaume / Mamie Clafoutis / Copains d'abord?!

Mamie Clafoutis
1291 Avenue Van Horne, Outremont, QC , CA

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  1. Out of all the shops you mentioned Gascgone has the best. I go to the Plateau to M.Pinchot or Kouing Amman (and get some croissants at the same time) Not a great choice in Westmount.

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    1. re: finefoodie55

      I still have to try M. Pinchot.
      Arhoma is my current favorite with Mamie Clafoutis as a close second.
      With all the artisanal bakeries popping up in Montreal, I sure hope one (a good one...) is going to open in NDG...

    2. There is a small artisanal bakery on Victoria called Le Fournil. I never had their bread tough so I dont know how it compares with the other you mentionned. I would be so happy if we got a Mamie Cafloutis in Westmount.. (and gain like 50 pounds...) I used to work next to the one on Van Horne... so tempting

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          Yeah, I like Le Fournil's homemade desserts like their lemon squares or sticky buns, but their baguette is definately sub-par...

          1. re: daniel_ndg

            Thats good to know, I wont get bread there!

      1. Back when I lived in NDG, on Girouard, the only decent bakery around was Wawel, but it's a Polish bakery/pastry shop (best donuts in town), so I wouldn't go there looking for a baguette (theirs was OK, better than factory made but not anywhere near French bakeries). For more French style breads, you better go/move to the Plateau.

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          There is a small place on Sherbrooke West that used to have amazing bread- I haven't been in a year or two, so don't know if the breads are still good- but it's worth a try- Banette.

          Boulangerie Banette
          5791 Sherbrooke O, Montréal, QC, H4A1X2

          1. re: maisonbistro

            If OP knows about Premiere Moisson on Monkland and is looking for something different or better, I'm not sure Banette would cut it. I thought their breads were made from frozen industrial dough in France, I'm not sure how they do things at the Montreal location.

            1. re: maisonbistro

              I still go to Banette for bread on occasion but I tend to go once or twice a week for the croissants, which I have with a coffee in the bakery. The regular croissants here are very flaky; when you break it open, it has the structure you expect from a good croissant, layer upon layer with a light buttery taste. I come here also for the roquefort cheese sticks and the anchovy sticks when it's available.
              The clerk told me that their bread is made from Canadian flour but the special mix comes from France. I presume she means the sourdough starter. Banette I believe is a franchise from France and the baker is from France.
              There's about eight varieties of bread they make for sale, I've had their baguette and a country style loaf of a whole grain and enjoyed them.

              1. re: maisonbistro

                I suspect that Bannette started ad a Qc outpost of the French chain but has basically been cut loose. They are a bit of a conundrum to me - not stellar, but definitely "artisanal" at the same time. So on the whole worth the trip. It's owned by a couple from Marseille, and they bake everything on premises. So in some sense the most "authentic" french bakery in town, for better or worse.

                I know this doesn't sound like much of an endorsement - I actually like it more that I'm sounding. Give them a try at least.

                As other posters mention, the roquefort sticks are truly outstanding.