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Nov 28, 2011 07:02 AM

Barbacoa in San Antonio Downtown

I'll be going to San Antonio for the NCAA women's volleyball final four. I am pretty sure I will be well fed along the Riverwalk, but I was wondering if there are places where they serve barbacoa in downtown.

Also would be interested in hole in the wall places for authentic Mexican food, migas, mole, and the like in downtown.

Muchisimas gracias.

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  1. I hardly ever get downtown. You might check out SA Current magazine online, maybe they have something.Only time I have eaten down there was at Rivercenter Mall,and Zuni Cafe on the Riverwalk years ago.

    1. If you have transportation you will find more hole-in-the-wall mex and barbacoa on the west/nw side of town. One good place, not really a hole in the wall, for Mex food is Rosario's in Southtown - very close to Downtown. As far as I can tell the Mex places right near the riverwalk seem to be of the 'Ritas on the River' variety - ie- don't bother.

      1. The Hyatt Regency has a new restaurant called Q which specializes in bbq - different ones from Kansas City, Memphis, etc.

        1. For Barbacoa downtown you can try "Tommy's," they're known for their 'Barbacoa & Big Red'. Ther is also a "Panchitos" near city hall which serves some good barbacoa. One other place that is fairly new downtown is "Taco Garage" they offer a Barbacoa & Big Red special which is a bit more authentic (regular barbacoa, vs the all meat that the former two serve). Good Luck & Bienvenido a San Antonio!

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            Muchisimas gracais. Looking forward to it.