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Nov 28, 2011 06:51 AM

spicy asian in provi quick,wifes birthday tommorow

i know its short order,looking for suggestions,we just got back from vacation and my beautiful bride has the worst head cold ever.shes totally open to anything, thai,korean,cambodian,etc.,it just needs to be hot,hot,hot..thanks!!

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  1. I vote for Korean - Sura or Teriyaki House on Westminster? (Haven't been to either one, but the ambience at both seem birthday-ish). Ichiban (Korean-owned Japanes) in Cranston has some really spicy soups (for example, jam bong or yuk kye jang that makes even my Korean dad beg for mercy). If you are not Korean, just make sure you tell that you can handle the heat - bring it on! They might tone it down for non-Asians but I don't know.