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Nov 28, 2011 06:06 AM


My wife makes a lot of cookies during Christmas and its great. However she uses the melting "chocolate" or bark which I personally would rather not use. What is best thing to use besides bark for dippping cookies, pretzels...? Genache? Probably needs to be milk choc in order to not stray too far away from bark.

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  1. Good quality baking chips (chocolate chips), made from real chocolate. Melt it in the top of a double boiler. If you want it hard to the touch when set, don't use cream, just melt the chocolate. Some folks use the microwave. There are directions for melting on the bag.

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      Except that most baking chips are formulated to hold their shape, rather than melt into a thin enough liquid to dip or enrobe with. And real chocolate needs to be tempered, or it will be streaky and grainy and generally unlovely. Maybe OP should learn how to temper, then help the wife out and do all the dipping.

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        Tried this and it is not much better than bark, maybe used wrong chips. I know Central Market has valrhona chips but I think I would go broke using them. Haha.

      2. There are different qualities of dipping chocolate. Guittard makes one that I find more palatable than the Wilton melts or the Bakers dipping bark. They also come in the round disks of the Candy Melts and are usually labeled Apeels and come in white, milk, dark, and other flavors such as mint and orange. They are easy to use and should be available at a candy supply store or online.

        1. I like almond bark on pretzels but I have also melted semi-sweet chocolate chips and there are reeses peanut butter chocolate chips you can melt which is yummy rolled in nuts.