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Nov 28, 2011 05:44 AM

Jack's Out Back II, Y-port MA

I will be on the Cape for the weekend of Dec 10-11 and was wondering if anyone knows if Jack's is open then. I now it's not as fun as when Jack was alive, serving a side of surly sarcasm, but I will be in the neighborhood. If Jack's isn't open, any other recommendations? Keltic Kitchen isn't exactly in the neighborhood, but I know it is a CH fave. We'll be staying in Cummaquid. Thanks.

Keltic Kitchen
415 Rte 28, West Yarmouth, MA 02673

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  1. Jacks should be open.. optimist cafe islso across the street. You can find their menu online.

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    1. re: CapeCodGuy

      Gracias, CCG. I was wondering about The Optimist Cafe, too!

    2. YUCK to Optimist...what about Red Cottage. It's down the street from me. My former dining soul mate took me there and I really liked it...

      Red Cottage Restaurant
      36 Old Bass River Rd, South Dennis, MA 02660

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        Optimist can be good. I liked the croissant stuffed with eggs spinach topped with hollandaise. I don't get the Red cottage. Standard greasy breakfast except for their special home fries. Plus,the poster specified Yarmouthport.

        There is also the Old Yarmouth Inn for a nice brunch on Sunday.

      2. Jack's is open for breakfast & lunch. There will be a wait to be seated for breakfast. It stays busy during the off-season (for good reason). I prefer Jack's style to The Optimist. The current owner is a nice lady, she could never pull-off Jack's attitude.

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          i am at Jack's several times a week. Miss the old jack's for the people etc. but the food is better particularly the seattle roast coffee. the optimist is good but pricier. Keltic Kitchen is the best breakfast that i know of but its alittle too far for me for everyday-ish

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            Thanks, everybody! Will report back!